Fangirl Diary: SUPERSTAR K6 in Manila

June 24, 2014

Superstar K (슈퍼스타 K) is a South Korean singing competition which is held yearly. This competition looks for aspiring singers/talents that could be the next superstar.

As I was checking my Facebook page, I suddenly saw an announcement from Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. Stated here was, Superstar K will be handling an audition here in Manila for the 6th season of their show. I had this sudden excitement inside me and thought that this is a great opportunity to fulfill my dreams of being a singer-composer.

So, I immediately practiced Korean songs since for sure they will be asking us to sing Korean songs.

By that time, I was also watching (AGAIN!) the TV series Dream High 1 and 2. These series made me cry and learn to work hard for my dreams. There's no such thing as a foolish dream as Jin Guk (Dream High 1) said. But as I put those things in my mind, there are some people who think that my dream is funny or to be exact it will never be God's will. Is being a singer not God's will? Is being famous not His will? So what's the purpose for giving me the chance to dream if it will never be His will? Those were the thoughts that ran into my mind.

As I was saying, we all are given the capability to dream but you know what differs? Some people just continue dreaming while some other people forget their dreams and some make their dreams into reality. And where am I? I am there making my dreams into reality even though there are a lot of people against me and my dream.

My mother never wanted me to join the audition. But my father keeps on pushing her. Until the night before the audition, my mom finally said yes.

This was me as I was on my way to Mall of Asia. Since it's a little far from our place ( I live in Batangas), I traveled at around 5AM.

June 21, 2014, the day of the auditions. It was held at the SM Cinema Centerstage, SM Mall of Asia. I arrived there (together with my cousin and his family) at about 8:30 in the morning. The audition proper started at 11am. Good thing, there were still few people there so I was able to line up early.

At around 11am, we started to enter the Centerstage and they were giving us the forms and our number. You'll see the number at the bottom. Sorry I was not able to take a picture of the form because they said we can't take photos there. Even I myself, I was not able to take a photo of myself while wearing the number.

While waiting for my turn, I was able to talk to my seatmate but the problem is I forgot to ask her name. She is a Korean, 16 years old (in international birthday). She came here in the Philippines to study English since it is cheaper here. (S-19, if you will be able to read this, I hope you can still remember me.)

After waiting for a couple of minutes, it's now my turn to sing. I was suppose to sing the song "Hello To Myself" but then the Korean judge in front of me told me to sing the climax part of the song but I couldn't figure out where is the climax of that song. Good thing, I prepared the song "A Goose's Dream" and sang the chorus part. Because I was not prepared with that song, I sang it in a wrong pitch. It's higher than usual. Added with tension and nervousness, my voice cracked in some parts. And that's kinda embarrassing. But oh well, I can't return time. After that, I went out of the booth already and DONE!

It was my first time to join in such auditions like this. I know I will not be able to pass the next round (although I'm still hoping since the results will be released within 2 weeks) but I will use this experience to make myself better then I'll audition again and again until I get what I want.

So for all those who are dreaming, make your first step. Dream will just continue to be a dream if you will not work to achieve it. We do not know what may happen. Just continue trying and trying.

Here's my number by the way,

This is me holding my number which was taken 2 days after the audition.

UPDATE: I did not pass to the second round. But good news, a girl group, 'MICA' got to pass! They are sisters. I actually got to meet them before when I performed in the Feast of the Black Nazarene along with my high school classmates.

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