Fangirl Diary: Best of Best KPOP Concert 2015

April 13, 2015

There comes a point in our lives wherein we experience this thing called “fangirling”. It is where we have this what we called our “idols” who we really like because maybe of their good looks, their talents, the way they interact with their fans, etc. And a life of a fan girl won’t simply be complete if she won’t be able to see her idols in real life (what I mean is not just on pictures or MVs)
Last April 12, 2015, Manila Concerts brought the biggest of grandest KPOP concert here in the Philippines (oh yes! I’m a KPOP fan). “BEST OF BEST KPOP IN THE PHILIPPINES 2015″ - 4 KPOP groups performed. Two of the groups were the kings and queens of KPOP, Girls’ Generation and Super Junior.
The main reason why I went there is because my bias group is there, and who is that? Of course. It is Super Junior - the first KPOP group I got addicted with.
At the moment I saw this, I can’t stop but to scream and everything. It is my very first time to see them right before my eyes. I really never expected that I will get to see them. Screams started to occur the moment they went out of the stage. Definitely, a lot of fans there were ELFs (fans of Super Junior).
And at this point in my life, I know, I have finally completed my fangirl life. Yes, seeing them completed my life as a fangirl. My heart felt the warm. I really don’t know what to feel anymore. I can still see their faces clearly (thank you for the Lower Box B Section 113 Row 9 Seat 447). In my place, definitely, I was able to see them more than I expected.
Seeing Super Junior made me cry. But so is this picture.
Surely, as a loyal ELF, I PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE and I will never leave. Like what Siwon has said before, “You don’t have to be an ELF from the start, you only have to be an ELF till the end.” And yes, I’m going to be an ELF til the end. Thank you Super Junior!
I don’t want to end this post yet, but time simply won’t let me write a little bit longer. But I would like to thank all the staff of BoB, the artists, the entertainments, the media partners, the fans who made this concert a success. You definitely brought this huge smile on my face. Til next concert!

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