June 13, 2015

It was on 2014 when I first heard the term 'IGNITE 2015' during the announcement segment of our Youth Service. My friends and at the same time dormmates, Shane and Marielle, told me that this is a great event that I should not miss. I was quite in doubt if I should attend this conference since I have no idea what it is.
I asked my parents permission to attend this conference and they didn't allow me and said that there is still another time for this. I didn't have any hard feelings on them.
2015 came, another semester enters, and another Youth Service series to attend to. Again, during the announcement segment of our Youth Service, it was announced again. I no longer asked permission to my parents until one night, my mom talked to me saying that there is one person who wanted to support my registration fee on Ignite 2015. I was actually shocked with that. By then, my parents allowed me to attend Ignite.
Finally, I have registered.
My receipt from registering on IGNITE 2015
When I was able to hold this, I immediately put this inside my wallet so I won't lose it. On that moment, I guess God wants me to learn something or to experience something new and I know God will make a way for everything.
Weeks and months has passed, my semester is slowly burning. Examinations, requirements, papers, lab works, take home exercises, there are more here in UP. But God helped me finished all of these things. A month or two, I guess, before Ignite 2015, there was already an announcement that it will be held on June 2-4, 2015 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Then I started to panic a bit, since in those days will be the Finals Week here in our University.
But instead of pulling back, I started praying to God that He would give me enough knowledge on my examinations so I won't need to take the final exams especially on Math 38 since this subject is where I really think I would take the final exam. I studied so hard on every subjects but I guess God's answer to my prayer was a no. But there was a good news. My final exam on Math 38 is a day before the Ignite 2015. My Bio30 was on June 4 but I asked my professor if I could take an early or late exam and she allowed me.
God will truly make a way for me. If He wants me to attend, He will show me the right things I should do.
June 2 then came and finally it is the start of Ignite 2015. I came to Smart Araneta Coliseum on my own by riding on the MRT. It wasn't actually my first time to ride the MRT alone. I arrived at the coliseum earlier than I have expected but there were a lot of people already forming their lines. I tried to search for the UPLB peeps on the General Admission (well, I was already late on registering that's why I am on the GenAd) but they can't be found. So immediately, I texted my former classmate and good thing he replied.
This is me beside my Ignite buddy and former classmate, Junel. Photo was taken outside the coliseum on the first day of Ignite 2015
I was so excited to enter the coliseum and see what this Ignite 2015 is all about. After hours of waiting under the sun, we have finally entered the coliseum. I can see all the people around me are so excited and so eager in this Ignite 2015 which made me feel so excited as well.
After a few more hours of waiting inside, the program started with a song entitled 'ARISE' and then the worship team led us to a wonderful congregational singing. On that moment, I really felt that the Holy Spirit is on everyone. Then, a speaker started to share the word of God.
That was the first day. On the second and third day, we had a break and there were some people playing on the stage just to enjoy the break.
After this Ignite 2015, I was so blessed with every messages God sent me through those different speakers. Change definitely should start in me. According to 2 Timothy 1:7 (which was the main verse of this conference), "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind." This verse from the bible speaks to us all. God did not give us fear to share His word. He did not give us the fear to speak or talk to people but instead He gave us the power, love and sound mind.
By knowing this verse, it inspired me to share God's word even more. I have the power to share God's word to other people especially to those students inside my campus.
Kuya Kim Atienza praying for those people out of 15,000 who are called to be on the broadcasting field. Behind him is Yeng Constantino
Not only that, but I was also encouraged to continue my dream because I know God calls me on that sector in life. I also would like to thank Yeng Constantino for praying for us who are called to be in the arts and entertainments sector. Truly, television has been a bad influence for people but if we sons and daughters of God will be able to enter this world, we will be able to change this field and be a good influence instead.
It was definitely a great experience to join this conference. Truly, God has left a burden in my heart and right now, I will follow Him and share the good news to other people by simply starting at my campus, UPLB. I thank God for this great opportunity. I had lessons learned and at the same time, I had new Christian friends and acquaintances. To God be all the Glory and Honor!

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