My 5 Simple Writing Tips

July 09, 2015

As some of you may know, before I started writing blogs, I am actually writing stories and fanfictions. I'm not really a pro in terms of writing but I'm having fun doing this because it keeps my mind active.
A lot of my readers have been asking me to give them some tips on writing a story especially on Wattpad. I honestly don't think I am the right person to give these but I guess I will just be posting the things I normally do whenever I write my stories.

Tip #1: Be a reader. Read books.

"Writing is a skill born from practice. The first step to becoming a good writer is becoming an avid and careful reader."
Like what almost all authors say, before becoming a writer you first need to be a reader first. Why? Because reading gives us a lot of ideas on our minds. You will be able to get different point of views, different scenes, and different kinds of stories.
Whenever you read, questions will start to occur on your mind. What if he didn't choose that? What if there was another way? What if it didn't start that way? By having these questions, you will then be able to create your own plot.

Tip #2: Get a pen and notebook and start writing down.

You will not start writing the whole story but you will be writing your answers to the questions you made and this will lead you to your plot.
The sequence doesn't matter, NOT YET. When you have jotted down all your ideas, then you can think of the characters of the story. Should there be an antagonist or will life be simply the antagonist? Should the main character a shy person or a loud one?
Just write everything that enters your mind.

Tip #3: Make a writing schedule.

This is one of the things a writer should have, although there are a lot of writers who write randomly. But making a writing schedule doesn't only force you to write but it also teaches you to be responsible. Remember, writing is not an easy task especially when you planned to make your story an on-going one.
There are authors I know who writes at least 1000 words per day. At the end of the week, she have already written 7000 words, good enough to make 1-2 chapters.

Tip #4: Start writing.

Of course all those plans won't be a story if you won't start writing. Writing a story is just like narrating on what is happening. Imagine yourself as the character. What do you see around you? Are there birds? Trees? People? Explain to your reader. This will make your imaginations work. It would be better if you have a lot of adjectives on your vocabulary bank. This will help you describe everything that is happening around you. Remember, you are communicating with your readers.
On this part, you will need to fix the sequence of your story so the reader won't be puzzled reading your story. Another thing, if you're not confident to the medium (language) you are using, it would be better to write it on the medium you are more confident with.

Tip #5: Create an account.

This is where almost amateur writers start. They make accounts online and publish their stories there so people will be able to view their stories for free. There are a lot of online accounts that can be made. You can visit Wattpad, Asianfanfics, KPOP Fanfiction. There are a lot more but these websites are the ones I use.
After making an account, publish your work part by part.
These are just some tips I can show you. Before writing your story, ask this to yourself, "What am I trying to say?" and after writing your story, "Have I said it?"
These questions will help you determine if your goal was achieved. It is fun whenever there are a lot of people reading, leaving comments, voting for your story but remember even if there are no people reading your story, or voting, or leaving comments, never give up. My reader once told me, "Never be bullied by silence". It only shows that even if no one is voting or leaving comments, you should continue writing your story. Finish what you have started.
When I started writing, I have no readers. I guess my story has already reached 20 chapters yet no one is still voting or leaving comments. I was disheartened but I didn't give up. I continued to write and it came to a point that readers started to comment, vote and even started communicating with me. If I gave up then my stories won't reach 100k reads. If I gave up, I would not be writing this to you.
So never give up! Just continue writing!

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