The Story Behind The Song "Peter Pan"

July 28, 2015

Being a writer and a composer are both hard. But based from my experience, being a composer is harder. I have experienced writing a story in Wattpad. One day, as I was writing a chapter of my story, I felt like I wanted to compose an OST of this fan fiction.
Earlier, I mentioned that composing a song is harder than simply writing, why? Because aside from writing the lyrics, you still have to compose the melody in order for it to be considered as a song. Not only that, you also have to revise the lyrics so it will fit on the proper beat and melody without compromising the meaning of the song.

So how was I able to compose Peter Pan?

We all know the story of Peter Pan. It is about a boy who doesn't want to grow up. Now, he went to Wendy's house and was able to ask the Darling siblings to go with him in Neverland. And there, Wendy and Peter Pan started to have their love story. But at the end, Wendy chose to grow up. She might have left Peter Pan but he will stay in her heart. I connected this story to my fan fiction wherein Rhianne and Mark (the main protagonists) are Wendy and Peter Pan, respectively. They also gained their love story in JYP Entertainment. As they go on through their story, they experienced a lot of things, happiness, and even hardships. But still, they managed to go through and decided to change the ending of the story.
By integrating Peter Pan's story to my story, I was able to create a song. How did I do that? I did the lyrics by simply narrating the story of Rhianne and Mark, how they met, what they've been through, and how their story is related with Peter Pan. After that, I made sure that each lines were parallel with each other.
I took my guitar and plucked some chords. It is better if you know how to play any instrument so you will be able to create the tune of the song. You should at least also know the basic family chords for it will help you in creating the melody. Some great songs even use basic family chords on their song. Since my favorite family chord is in D, I decided to use it and put some embellishments on some parts. But basically, it goes around with the family of D.
I actually did the song in one night. But, I returned to it days later to revise it. I find it better if you will stop listening to it 2-3 days and then listen to it after so you will know how your first draft was done. By then, you'll see the good and bad things of the song. These things will then help you to revise the song.
One tip in writing the lyrics of the song, you should be imaginative. You should be artistic. If it's hard for you, at least try to look for an inspiration and simply narrate it. By then, you will be able to write good lyrics.
So that is the story behind the song "Peter Pan". I am very thankful for my readers for always pushing me to my best. They are one of the reason why I was able to create this song. I will also be putting below a video of myself singing this song.
Here is the lyrics of the song

Verse 1
I was crying in one place the moment you saw me
You asked me why but I just smiled
You asked me to come with you in Neverland
And I say "Yes, I'll come with you in Neverland" and you said
Second star to the right and straight on til morning
Think of happy thoughts and we'll fly
Chorus 1
And I'll sing
You're my Peter Pan and I'm your Wendy
We'll fly to Neverland and be happy
We'll never think of breaking up
We'll never think of losing hope
We'll never think of growing up anymore
My Peter Pan
Verse 2
We were so happy there in Neverland
All our fears, all our shames were gone... all gone
And on that moment I felt your love, sweet love
You taught me then how to fly so we'll be together and you said
(Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus 1)
Then one night you asked me if I were to stay
I want to grow up and say goodbye
You said, "Never say goodbye, cause goodbye means going away
And going away means forgetting"
Chorus 2
And I smiled (spoken)
(Change key)
And I'll stay
To be with Peter Pan and be your Wendy
Together we will be forever happy
We'll never think of breaking up
And I'll stay
To be with Peter Pan and be your Wendy
Together we will be forever happy
We'll never think of breaking up
We'll never think of losing hope
We'll never think of messing up
We'll never think of letting go
We'll never think of growing up
Here is a video of me singing the song:

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