UNBOXING: SEVENTEEN In The Soop Making Photobook

January 04, 2023

SEVENTEEN In The Soop has always been my healing show. If I need some rest from all the stress in the world, I would definitely watch In The Soop over and over again. That's why I am so happy that SEVENTEEN's In The Soop is having a second season and it will be out this January 2023. What a good way to start the year indeed.

But before it's second season, I'll be sharing to you the inclusions of the In The Soop Making Photobook. This photobook was released in 2022 and I happened to got mine before the year ends.

SEVENTEEN In The Soop Making Photobook Inclusions


This is how the outbox looks like. I like this quality because it's thick. It feels like a hardbound book. Plus the size is just a normal one unlike other photobooks.


The photobook consists of 112 pages behind the scenes photos of SEVENTEEN. They also put there their bucket list for this show. To be honest, I'm not a fan of photobooks because I only check it once and put it back on my shelf. But this one is different. I really love seeing raw photos of SEVENTEEN. The ones with no makeup, or "I woke up like this" kind of photos. I really love to see them in that state.

Paper L-Holder

For this L-Holder, it is where they placed the photocards and the mini poster. I don't usually use L-Holders because I don't know what to place in those. So, I'll just let these inclusions stay there, except for the photocards because I plan to put them on my new binder once it arrives.

Mini Poster

At first, I thought these were postcards. But when I was looking at the merch description, they were mini posters. The paper thickness is a bit like the postcards that's why I thought they were postcards. The second mini poster is definitely one of my favorite photo of the boys because Wonwoo is smiling genuinely there.

Photocard Set

This is how the photocards look like. You will be the one to remove these photocards which is a bit hard for me because I might destroy it. I won't be selling any photocards since I really love In The Soop and these photocards will be part of my collection.

Weverse POB

I don't actually know what it's called but this is how the special gift from Weverse shop when you buy this merch during the pre-order period. Right now, I placed this beside my computer to remind myself that I also need rest from time to time.


I really can't wait for the second season of In The Soop! I'll be making another full review of the show once it's released.

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