Best of Best 2022: My Fangirl Review, Highlights, and Goals

December 31, 2022

It felt like I was just writing my review last 2021 and now I'm already writing for 2022. If 2021 was not a good year, then 2022 would have been worse if not for my favorite KPOP groups. My review for this year will be a different one from my usual reviews. For this blog post, I'll just be writing what's on my mind on what happened this year.

January this year, I resigned from my job. Being lost for months, not knowing where I'll get the money to support my fangirling wants, I decided to open my Shopee store wherein I sold some fanmade merch and some photocards that I want to sell. Who would have thought that this shop can somehow help me with my wants and needs. I was able to buy a new glass and a photocard laminator.

But around May, I got back into freelancing and that allowed me to save more money for concerts and travels. I really can't count how many concerts I had attended this year, both locally and internationally. I'm really so happy that I got to get out of the country again this 2022, plus I also got to travel locally.

Although I was able to physically be present in most events, online, I wasn't able to post much. I have a lot of pending blogs and vlogs that needs to be uploaded but I became so busy I really have no time to do it.

I barely succeeded in doing my goals for 2022. I'm not really disappointed because I know I didn't do my best in doing it. But somehow realized something, that numbers really don't matter. I have to remind myself of that thing always. There are still times that I feel the need to reach a certain amount on social media to be considered a 'good one'. But for this 2023, I'm realigning my motives.

Why am I doing this? Is it to brag? Is it to show everyone that I'm living a good life (when in fact my whole life is a mess)? I have to go back to my 2014 self who just wants to create content because I love doing contents. I want sharing my thoughts and experiences to the world even if the world is not listening. I just want to share that I'm proud of where I am now.

So this 2023, I will no longer set a goal for my social media accounts instead I will just continue posting because I want to post. It's going to be my outlet. No one watches or reads my posts? No problem. I can watch it. I can read it. I won't be pressured to create contents just for the sake of creating it. I will create content because I want to. I still have a lot of things to change in myself in 2023. Slowly, I hope I'll get there.

I still have some goals in life, but I won't be posting it here anymore and just wait for it to happen next year. I'm really claiming that 2023 will be year. Good things, things I prayed for, will come to me without any problem.

Also, more concerts internationally and locally, and more merch this coming 2023!

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