Fangirl's Pick: Favorite K-Merch of 2022

December 28, 2022

As a K-Pop fan, collecting merch has been one of my favorite thing to do. Although I tried to pause from buying merch, recently I came back because it gives me so much happiness unboxing the items. It feels like that I rewarded myself for working so hard.

For this blog post, I'm going to share my favorite purchases this 2022.

Carat Bong Version 2

Even before I became a fan of SEVENTEEN, I really loved their lightstick. And who would have thought that I will finally buy one for myself? It's definitely the prettiest lightstick out there. Maybe because it has my favorite colors? This purchase was a bit impulsive but I'm happy I bought it because I was able to use it to a lot of events this year.

I bought this from on Shopee for only P2000. And it's FETA!

I wonder how will the version three looks like. There are some posts on Twitter saying that there will be a version three to be released in 2023.

SEVENTEEN-inspired Face Mask Strap

This one isn't official but I really have used this almost every time I go out. I love the design and it really looks so pretty when you wear it. I'll probably be wearing it as long as I wear my face mask, unless the concert I'm attending is not SEVENTEEN.

I bought this from littlethingsmnl on IG.

SEVENTEEN-inspired Necklaces

To be honest, I don't really like wearing necklaces or jewelries as a whole. My skin easily gets irritated. But what's the reason why I bought these? These two necklaces have their own stories.

The diamond-shaped necklace is a remembrance of my impulsive decision of attending Be The Sun in Thailand. The confetti from the concert is inside that resin necklace. Other PH Carats who also attended there ordered their necklaces.

Meanwhile, the Carat Bong necklace, it's from Tala by Kyla. I also bought this impulsively since I saw it on a bazaar in SMX MOA, a day before Be The Sun in Bulacan. I wasn't able to attend Be The Sun in Bulacan because it was my friend's wedding day. But, my friend Joyce, brought my lightstick to the concert. So, I wore this Carat Bong necklace on the day of the wedding to represent my fangirl heart.

SEVENTEEN In The Soop Making Photobook

This is one of the latest merch that I received this year. Why is this my favorite? It's because it's In The Soop. I really enjoyed watching Seventeen's In The Soop so much that it made me buy the photobook. I'm not really a fan of photobooks but I wanted this so bad.

I'm really excited for January 2023 to come because SEVENTEEN In The Soop 2 is coming!

How much did I spend with merch this year?

That's... a secret. But I spent more than what I spend last year. And the funny thing is I spent it mostly on SEVENTEEN. Unlike last 2021, I bought albums from different groups. I'll still probably collect merch in 2023 as long as I have the money and I like the merch being released. To be more budols this 2023.

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