Fangirling in Thailand: My Be The Sun in Bangkok Experience

October 15, 2022

If you have read or watched my tutorial on how to buy tickets from ThaiTicketMajor, then you probably know that I bought tickets to Seventeen's Be The Sun in Bangkok because I wasn't able to secure a Day 2 ticket here in Manila.

This is probably the most impulsive thing I have done. I really did not plan on attending the concert in Bangkok because I am so confident that I'll get to secure a ticket here in Manila. But things didn't go as I planned it to be. So after the general selling of Seventeen's Be The Sun in Manila, I bought a ticket to Thailand.

Pros of attending a concert in Thailand

There were still tickets left

It's already been days since the start of the ticket selling in Thailand and there were still tickets available. Although the near seats are already sold out, there were still tickets left from other sections. Since my goal is just to attend the concert, it really doesn't matter which seat I am in. As long as I am there.

You can also travel

Aside from attending the concert, you can also travel to another country. This is actually my first time in Thailand. So, this is a great experience for me. It's like I'm hitting two birds with one stone.

Tickets are much cheaper

The most expensive ticket I guess was like 11,000 pesos (depends on the conversion). But yeah, there are still plane tickets to think of but still if you compute all the expenses and experiences it's most likely the same.

Hear the artist's music more

I have mentioned this is my Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting blog, when attending an event in another country, you can hear less screams. Same goes with concerts. In the Philippines, the fans are really loud. But in another country, it's a bit less. They still scream, yes, but you can't really compare the loudness with PH fans. Hence, you can hear the artist more. You can hear their voices more.

Cons of attending a concert in Thailand

Mostly about the language

I don't know anything about the Thai language. So, I can't understand a single thing when it's being translated. Good thing, I can somehow understand Korean. But my knowledge in Korean is still not enough. Also, it's hard to communicate with some other staff or fans since English isn't their first language too.

You have to prepare a lot of things

From hotels to some itinerary to preparing documents for immigration. You really have to plan even more. Though I also book hotels during concerts in Manila but this one is a different case.

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