KDrama Review: Big Mouth (2022)

September 28, 2022

Best KDrama of 2022 yet

After a few months, I'm finally writing another KDrama review. This time, it's Lee Jong Suk's comeback to the drama world after being discharged from the military. I was really looking forward for this series because Yoona is the female lead here.

Just like any other KDramas that I watched, I don't watch the trailer or read the synopsis. So, I have no idea on what this Big Mouse is all about. All I know is it's a Lee Jong Suk and Yoona drama. Little did I know that this series will really blow my mind.

Note: This review contains spoilers. So read at your own risk.

About Big Mouth

Title: Big Mouth (also known as Big Mouse / Hangul: 빅마우스)
Episodes: 16 episodes (around 1 and 15 minutes per episode)
Main Casts: 

Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho
Im Yoona as Ko Miho
Kim Joo Hun as Choi Do Ha

Plot: Park Changho is an attorney with a 10% winning rate that's why he is called "Big Mouth". But then, he got involved into a case which changed his life.

Things I like about Big Mouth

The casts

This is probably one of the most powerful cast lineup I have ever seen. Everyone of them were able to play their role really well. I was also amazed with Yoona's acting skills here. She definitely improved.

But, I was more amazed with Kim Joo Hun who played Choi Do Ha here. I have watched him first at It's Okay to Not be Okay wherein he played the role of a stressed CEO who handles Ko Munyeong. He was so stressed in that series, but in Big Mouth, he is the one that stresses me the most. I really liked the way he acts here. It's so believable.

Each character played an important role

Usually, in a big production, there are a lot of extra casts that don't really serve it's purpose. I mean, the series can go on with or without those casts. But in here, every casts have their own role and story to share.

Especially this guy. Who would have thought that he actually has a special role too?

Cliffhanging ending and Amazing twists

This actually reminds me of the time I was watching W: Two Worlds. I was looking forward for the next episode because they always leave us with so many questions. That's probably why I reached until the end of the drama.

Who is Big Mouse? Is he someone I can trust or not?

There are actually a lot of questions that run in my mind whenever a certain episode ends. That's why each episode of the drama is worth waiting for.

Another thing here is that, whenever I assume someone as Big Mouse, that person ends up not being Big Mouse. And the least person I expected it to be turns out to be the Big Mouse.

Things that somehow disappointed me a little

Choi Doha's death

Although I am happy that he experienced what other victims experienced, but still it didn't give much impact. I didn't feel any strong emotions. He just died just like that. I was expecting for a more dramatic scene but it didn't happen.

What happened to the so-called son of Chairman Kang?

They were talking about him at the last episodes of the drama but he didn't appear or what. I was expecting him to appear for a brief moment but nothing. He was just mentioned at the end of the drama. Just like Choi Doha's death, nothing really happened much.


I like the series so much. It has been a long time since I actually finished an ongoing series. To be honest, I have dropped a lot of KDramas recently because it has been dragging and there's nothing to look forward to also.

In this drama, I was really looking forward to each episodes which is why I really loved it. If you like crime-investigation kind of drama then this is a good series to watch.

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