Meeting NCT 127 for the 3rd Time

September 10, 2022

Thankful to see NCT 127 for the third time

NCT 127 finally held their first ever solo concert in the Philippines last September 4 at the Mall of Asia Arena. I was really happy to know that it was a sold-out concert. This only proves that the pandemic has caused the fans to miss NCT 127 so much, as well as, made the fandom grew in number.

The first time I saw NCT 127 was during KPOP Republic 2 in 2017. The next one was during KPOP World Music Festival in 2019. And the third time, their solo concert, NEO-CITY: Manila "The Link".

How was the concert?

Out of all the concert I have attended, I can say that this concert is the loudest concert. I was literally covering my ears at some parts because I feel like my head will explode. But don't take it the wrong way, I was really happy to hear those loud screams.

Aside from that, I can feel that they were really enjoying the concert. Since I have seen them perform here in the Philippines, this is the first time that I felt like they were really enjoying the crowd. Seriously, it was so refreshing to the eyes. Especially during their ments and encore.

By the way, we were at the media area - Section 201 just above the VIP Seated section. How I wish I at least got this section for Be The Sun in Manila. It really has a nice view. You can see the main and extended stage clearly.

It's just sad that the concert was only a one-day concert. But they are hoping that for the following concert, they will be having two or three days concert here in Manila.


By the way, you can also check out my vlog about the event. I shared here some of my fancams

NCT 127 will always have a special place in my heart because they were a part of the event that I first covered - KPOP Republic 2. That's why attending their first ever solo concert here in the Philippines is truly an achievement for me.

You can also read my post-event article here.

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