How to Make Envelopes for your Concert Tickets (+ free Be The Sun in Manila Ticket Envelope layout)

August 31, 2022

When we buy concert tickets either on SM Tickets or TicketNet, we receive an envelope so that our tickets will be safe. Well, most of the time, especially when it's a Pulp event. But since Be The Sun in Manila was not handled by Pulp, and was handled by LiveNation PH alone, we did not receive any envelopes. So, I decided to just create a personalized one for my ticket.

Shopee Promotion:

Just in case you don't want to make and opted to buy instead, I am selling these envelopes for only P25 on Shopee. I hope you can also support my small business. It really means a lot. Just click this link. Scroll down more to see the link for the free layout.

How to Make the Ticket Envelopes

Materials Needed:

1. Printer
2. Paper (my recommendation is the Yasen Double Sided Photo Paper 120-180gsm)
3. Scissors/Cutter
4. Glue Tape

Create the envelope layout

I made the envelope layout on Photoshop since I'm more used to with the software. I based the size of the envelope on Pulp's ticket envelope which is around 130mm x 83mm.

Free layout: Since a lot of you are asking for the layout, I'm sharing it with you for free. Just click this link and you will be redirected to the Google Drive. You will see 13 PDFs. One for each member.

The reason why the photos are inverted because I have to fold it. By the way, it's in A4 sheet.

Print, Cut, and Paste

I used my L3110 Epson printer to print it. The paper that I used is the Yasen Double Sided Photo Paper 120 gsm. If you want a thicker feeling of the envelope, I highly suggest taking the 150 or 180gsm. Since my silhouette cutter is not working at the moment, I have no choice but to cut it manually.

Before putting glue tape on the flaps, I made a small triangular cut so that it would be easier to fold. Once I have cut those, time to put the glue tape and fold it.

End Product

This is how the envelopes look like. Again, if you're looking for the layout of this envelope, I have uploaded it through this link.

I hope that this layout can help you make your own ticket envelopes! Tag me on Twitter (@AFanHeart_twt), IG (@annyeongruth) or Tiktok (@annyeongruth) if you used my layout. It really means a lot.

See you all at the concert!

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