Netflix Seoul Vibe Garage Party

August 25, 2022

Netflix Seoul Vibe Garage Party was the first ever Netflix offline event that I have attended. Since this is my first time, I'll be sharing to you my experience.

An Introvert Fangirl attending a Party

When they said that it's a garage party, it's really a party with food, drinks, and music. The cool thing here is that they really made the place look like a garage in the 80s. And yes, it really looks like the one in the movie.

As an introvert, attending parties is not really my thing. But good thing, I met some known faces in the K-media world so the whole event felt a little bit better. Also, I am so thankful for Mikay for always pushing me to do things that I don't usually do like taking photos of myself during the event, vlogging, or just being a little bit extroverted.

Since I am used to with attending press conferences, or some other media related events, I was expecting for a longer program. But I guess this event was really a party.

At first, they showed some trailers on the screen regarding their upcoming movie, Seoul Vibe. After that they also showed a short preview of the Tagalog dubbed of the movie which I find it quite interesting. That's why I'm so excited to watch the movie. After that, there were people who danced to KPOP songs. And lastly, a DJ played some KPOP mixes. I was thrilled when I hear familiar songs on the mixes especially when Girls' Generation's Gee was played. As a second generation fan, it's definitely one of the songs that I really love.

But what I loved the most during the event was there were a lot of photographers there wherein you can ask them to take a photo of you at the place and have it printed for free.

Like what I have mentioned earlier, there were also food and drinks. The food were mainly Korean food. In fact, Mikay and I were actually craving for Korean food. So, the food there satisfied our cravings.

There were a lot of influencers and TikTok personalities there. To be honest, I felt really shy when I saw them because they really look so confident with what they're doing. Meanwhile me, I'm so shy to even just take a photo with the Netflix logo. I guess I still need to improve myself regarding this.

We went home at around 8:30PM. There was a Netflix package given per outlet. But I managed to see what's inside the package. Check out my unboxing here:

Overall, it was a nice and cool event. It's just that my introvert self needs to go home early. Thank you Netflix and Mikay for this experience.

Seoul Vibe

Seoul Vibe is a South Korean movie which will be released on Netflix this August 26, 2022. The main casts are Yoo Ah In, Ko Gyung Pyo, Lee Kyung Hyung, Ong Seong Wu, and Park Ju Hyun. It is about a group of drivers from Sanggye Supreme Team who received an offer to be part of a VIP slush fund investigation.

Check out the trailer here:

I'll be writing my movie review here on my blog once I have watched the film.

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