I Am Part Of the Top 10 K-Influencer June 2022

August 04, 2022

I was supposed to write about this before but I was so stressed with the ticketing of Seventeen's Be The Sun in Manila that's why I wasn't able to. And I actually haven't celebrated it. But since I have moved on from the ticket selling, I guess I can now celebrate this achievement.

Joining K-Influencer Academy

I mentioned in my Best of Best 2021, I want to be a fangirl related content creator. Since I am a fan of anything Hallyu, I decided to join this year's K-Influencer Academy.

During my introduction, I shared my experience on being a fangirl as well as how I fell in love with Korea. I'm still not that fully confident with speaking in front of the camera but at least I was way better than before. Through this project, I was able to meet new people and also challenge my content creation skills (if I do have lol).

June 2022 Mission Topic

The first topic that we got was to produce Korean promotional content using one's talent. As a Jack of All Trades Master of None, I actually had a hard time on what talent I should show. I mean, I could sing, dance, draw, or do some storytelling. I don't know. But instead of thinking so much about it, I decided to go on with the talent I'm most comfortable with - singing and drawing.

You can actually submit more than one video for the mission. That's why I submitted two videos.

One, is the Fangirl's Playlist wherein I sang some Korean Comfort Songs. I asked help from my friends too. They gave me their comfort songs and then I sang it.

The second video that I made was a studio vlog wherein I made some Korean Food stickers. This one was a bit challenging for me because recently I do not have the motivation to draw. But thanks to SEVENTEEN's In The Soop, I somehow got motivated to draw Korean foods.

Top 10 Participants of June 2022

I can say that I really put a lot of effort with the first mission, in terms of the concept and the editing. I'm so happy that my effort has paid off. I will still continue to do Youtube contents not only to promote Korea and be part of the top participants, but also to improve myself.

For the July mission, I don't know if I will still be a part of it since I passed mine late. A lot of things happened in July that's why.

I hope you will support me in this journey by subscribing to my Youtube Channel and sharing it to your social media accounts. It means a lot to me.

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