A Fangirl in the Media Industry

July 09, 2019

I wanted to write this topic for so long since a lot of people have been messaging me about this. How did I become a part of a media? Do I have free tickets for the concerts? What do you do? What cameras you use? And many more. Like what the title of this post, it will simply be all about me in the media industry.

Just to give you a bit of an information about myself, I am a fangirl ever since the start of time. I started being a fan of Westlife when I was a little kid because of the influence of my parents and my cousins. I also am a fan of SCLUB7. Years later, I became a fan of KPOP. Anyway, continue with the blog post.

To be very honest, there’s a heavy burden in me whenever I wear the media ID. Maybe because I feel like I really don’t deserve it? Or maybe because people might think I’m just using it to have free access on different events. I don’t know. But it somehow feels good to wear one because it makes me a little bit important.

When did I start?

Although I have been writing blogs since 2014, I don’t consider it as a media thing. There is a big difference between being a blogger and a media – I will probably talk about this in the latter part of this blog post.

I started writing for this Korean website last April 2017. I just found them through a blog when I was searching for fellow K-enthusiasts blogger. I tried applying for their Global Correspondent and eventually was accepted.

One is focused on KPOP, one is focused on Thai Events, and the other one is about the latest events and trends in the Philippines (so it can be a western act or fellow Asian act).

What do I do as a media?

Many. I do a lot of things. I write articles – mostly news articles and feature articles (which is way different than writing a blog post). During events, I also take photos of the artists that will be posted on our respected social media sites. Sometimes, I also do the live updates on Twitter wherein I tell everyone what is happening on the event.

If you may have noticed, I usually post the links or share the posts on my Facebook page and Twitter. So, I guess you have an idea on what I really do.

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What equipment do I use during the concert?

Most of the time, I use my Nikon D3400 with Tamron 70-300 lens. Sometimes, I get to use the Sony RX10 iii camera which is my favorite because even if we are far from the stage, I can still take good and up-close photos.

Here are some samples of my shots:

Do I really get free tickets during concerts?

To answer this, it’s a yes and no. Why? Like what I have mentioned earlier, some of my works are volunteer duties. Meaning, I don’t get paid with the articles I write or the photos I took. So, yes, technically because I don’t have to pay for tickets or passes on events. No, because I consider those tickets as a payment for the things I do.

How does it feel to be a media?

To be very honest, when I was starting, I feel a bit anxious since I have no idea on how this world works. I know a bit of writing and photography, but I mostly do not share my works online. When I have been attending different events, I started to learn more about how it really works, and I started enjoying it.

It is fun to see and meet different artists, especially the artists you didn’t know you would have a chance to talk with. There are also times wherein I get to meet my favorite artists up-close. It’s fun, right? But of course, I must separate my fangirl life whenever I am a media. After all the tasks I am required to do, that’s when I can fangirl on my own social media accounts of course.

Recently, there were a lot of KPOP events. Most of the time, I get to cover those events which eventually made me feel tired with what I am doing. I started questioning myself if this is what I really want. Yes, I get to see my favorite idols, but I can’t fangirl in front of them, I can’t focus on just being a fangirl because I must write down the details since I have a post-event article to do.

Most of the time, people see us media people as very lucky people. We get to see the artists for free. Sometimes, we can even have a photo with them. But what people don’t usually see is the sleepless nights whenever we edit videos, the stress we feel when we have a lot of things to post, the tiredness from running to the lowerbox section to the upperbox section just because some of the management don’t want us to be there. Most of the time, I also end up studying the names of the members and their songs in order to write a correct update.

It’s fun to be a media but at the same time a tiring one.

Media or Blogger?

I believe that I am both a media and a blogger. I am a media on those media outlets and a blogger on my own page. A Fangirl’s Heart is a blog and not a media outlet, just to clarify with everyone. Although sometimes we are invited but that doesn’t mean we are already a media outlet. It is just a spazzing platform wherein we share updates about our favorite artists and at the same time spazz about them.

There is a big difference between being a media and being a blogger. Mainly, is the tone when writing an article or post. Media articles are more formal than a blog post. I can’t even use the word “I” whenever writing a news article. But for the blog post, it’s a personal post so I definitely should use the word “I”.

Another thing, like what Journalist Saleem Khan said, “the key difference between bloggers and journalists is one of process. Bloggers tend to offer opinion and analysis that links to news stories reported by mainstream media, while professional journalists tend to gather and report facts and opinion from expert sources…while all journalists may be bloggers, not all bloggers may be journalists.” [1]

So, why am I saying this? There are some people who feels intimidated whenever we post updates on our page. Maybe because they thought that I am competing with them as a media outlet (when there shouldn’t be any). I would like to clarify that I may be a media for some outlets, but I am a blogger in this page. If I plan on making this a media outlet, then I would re-brand this. ^^

How to be part of a media?

First, you need to have your portfolio - writings or photos. It can be an online portfolio or a soft copy one. Next, you need to search online whether those media outlets have openings or none. Be updated with them on their social media accounts since they usually post it when they have openings. If ever they have openings, make sure to submit your portfolio to them and then wait for their reply.

If ever you have no portfolio yet, then I suggest that you start making one. Compile all your works. It will really help a lot if you have a portfolio so that the media outlet will know if you are worth hiring or not.

But before sending those portfolios, make sure that you are determined to be a media and not just because you want to have passes. It is a difficult job. And there might come a time that you may lose all those fan feels. Are you ready for that?

Another thing is that, you are there to do your job. I'm not stopping you to fangirl/faboy during concerts, but you have to remember that you are there to be a media. Do your tasks first before you do your fan duties.

I hope I have somehow answered some of your questions in this post. If you have more questions, you can leave a comment and I will try my best to answer those.

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P.S. By the way, I would like to thank some of my friends who are really pushing me to make this a media outlet. You guys are the best!

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