Reasons how Park Bo Gum Caught This Fangirl’s Heart

July 04, 2019

Meeting Park Bo Gum last June 22, 2019 actually changed everything that I think of him. Let me get it straight. I haven’t watched any Park Bo Gum drama or film yet. I know him since he is quite famous here, plus, he became a host together with Red Velvet’s Irene. The thing is, I just know him. So it’s okay for me not to attend his fan meeting.

Days before his scheduled fan meeting here in Manila, I was asked to cover it. Meaning, I will be writing an article as well as sharing updates about the event.

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Park Bo Gum singing DAY6’s I Like You

Park Bo Gum caught me off guard. He opened his fan meeting with DAY6’s I Like You. If you have read most of my blogs, I am an avid fan of DAY6. I wanted to scream at that moment. I wanted to fangirl. But I can’t because I’m taking a video of it. My voice will be heard.

I didn’t imagine him singing a DAY6 song because let’s admit it even if DAY6’s songs are beautiful only few people appreciate them. So, I wasn’t really expecting it. Because of that, Park Bo Gum gained points from me.

Park Bo Gum asking the fan’s name

Park Bo Gum was making a special diffuser for a lucky fan. When a fan won in the raffle, he asked the fan’s name. Unfortunately, they can’t hear it because the fan was located at the lowerbox section. What Park Bo Gum did was he went to the extended stage and kept on asking the fan for her name. “What? I can’t hear you” he even said. And I was like, “OF COURSE BO GUM. SHE HAS NO MICROPHONE!”

He really made me laugh that whole time. The fan even spelled out her name through hand gestures and Bo Gum was like “What are you doing?” I can’t contain my feels. He is very adorable. But him asking for the fan’s name persistently added more POGI points.

Park Bo Gum playing the piano and singing "I Will Be Here"

Even though I am not an avid fan of Park Bo Gum, I know that he is a Christian. Hearing him sing I Will Be Here and ending it with “Yes, Jesus loves me” just warmed my heart. Only few people profess their Christianity. It was really memorable for me that the person I’m currently watching loves and believes in God.

Park Bo Gum performing One Candle

One of the most memorable performances of Park Bo Gum was him performing g.o.d’s One Candle. Let me get it straight. I am not a fan of g.o.d. But I know them. It just happened that the song “One Candle” was also performed in Dream High 2 that’s why I know it.

I love the song ever since I first heard in on Dream High. I felt some goosebumps because I remembered how addicted I was to Dream High before.

Park Bo Gum dancing to different KPOP songs

I actually thought Park Bo Gum’s fan meeting was over. I was waiting for the lights to turn on. But then, TWICE’s What is Love started playing and then he danced to it. He really danced to it. I was actually mentioning it earlier to my friends that I wanted to see Park Bo Gum dance any TWICE song.

Not only did he perform TWICE’s What is Love, he also danced to Seventeen’s Pretty U and BTS’ Boy with Luv.

Park Bo Gum being hyper all through out the event, even during Hi-touch

He definitely made an impact with this fan meeting. I thought that I have seen the best fan meeting ever before but I was wrong. THIS IS THE BEST FAN MEETING EVER, well not because it was well-handled, but because Park Bo Gum’s fan service has surpassed everyone. You can feel how he loves his fans, the same time, does not tolerates his fans.

I can still remember when I felt like he was a teacher asking the fans to sit down. He went around the arena to become closer with his fans so the fans were running near him. He then asked everyone to go to their seats. Not all artists have the guts to say that to their fans. Which made me like him even more.

During the hi-touch session, I was expecting that he is a bit tired so he won’t be that hyper. But I was wrong. He was even more hyper! It was as if he was playing with the fans.

How does he look like up-close? Handsome is an understatement. I can’t explain it. He is too precious. I want to hug him that moment. He was sweating a lot but he still gave a big smile to everyone. I don’t know but Park Bo Gum is the purest idol I have ever met in my whole life.

Good day Park Bo Gum in Manila

I can’t say it’s a fan meeting. It’s more of a concert! Now I realized why a lot of fans like him. He is handsome, kind, funny, talented, what more can I say? He has it all! I’m really thankful for PKCI for choosing me to cover the event. If I didn’t attend it, I would not have witnessed this event and would have missed a great event in my life.

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