I Wore Korean School Uniform at the Korea Festival 2022

September 16, 2022

Another check on my bucket list

Ever since I watched the K-Drama, "Dream High", it has been my dream to experience wearing Korean uniform. In fact, I have been checking out the Ewha Korean School Uniform but I just didn't have the time to visit it when I was in South Korea. Last September 10 at the Korea Festival held at Glorietta, I have finally ticked it off my bucket list.

What's in the Korea Festival 2022?

Travel Agencies and Airlines

A lot of travel agencies and airlines were present at the event. Since travels are now slowly going back to normal, these agencies and airlines are offering a lot of Korea tours for the upcoming autumn. Or also tours for next year.

I actually have plans on going back to Korea in the future but I wasn't able to inquire much in the booth because I got so overwhelmed with the amount of people ang booth there.

Fun Activities

They also had some fun activities like games, raffles, and also some culture lessons like Korean writing and making some Korean food. A lot of people actually joined the event especially the random play dance.

Aside from these activities, you can also experience wearing Hanbok and the Korean school uniform. I wanted to try wearing the Hanbok but there were a lot of people lining up when we checked out. So, I just decided to wear the school uniform (which is really my priority).

The uniform actually fits me well. It's just that, it's too hot in the Philippines that I can't really wear it for too long. At least, I got to experience it for about 30 minutes. Oh by the way, this rental was free. All we had to do was to surrender our ID and our phone to them.

Korean Food

I was also invited by KMall Philippines to visit their booth and taste the Korean food they offer. Their booth was actually very interesting since they have three "streets", the Han River Street Food, MyeongDong Street Food, and Dongdaemun Street Food. Each streets have different Korean food to offer.

The Han River Street Food has the self-service ramen wherein you'll be the one to make the ramens using the machine. It's really giving you the Korea-vibes since there is also a machine like this around Hangang Park. I actually tried this and it was fun!

The Myeongdong Street Food offers their famous sausage and tteok and also the smoked samgyupsal. The smoked samgyupsal is really a must try! It can really satisfy your cravings.

And the last one, the Dongdaemun Street Food, we have the tteokbokki and kimbap.

These were the food we got from KMall Philippines!
By the way, if you're also looking for the ramen-making machine, make sure to visit KMall Philippines since they also sell it!


This is really the performance I have been waiting for, The Painters. I actually saw them perform already when I went to South Korea during the 2019 ACH Invitation Program for ASEAN fans of Hallyu. I really fell in love with their performance that's why I'm so happy to see them perform again. Although, some of the performers here were not the ones we watched before but still they gave an excellent performance.

Kyline Alcantara, who is KTO's Ambassador now, also went on stage to perform Charlie Puth (ft. Jungkook) - Left and Right.

There were also some talks that happened after but since I also have to go home in the province, I wasn't able to stay more. But still, I enjoyed the event.


You can also check out my vlog about the event.

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