Fangirl's Pick: Favorite KPop Songs in 2022

December 26, 2022

It's that time of the year where I write a blog of my picks this year. To start my fangirl's pick this 2022, I'll be writing about my favorite KPop Songs this 2022. To be honest, if I'm going to list my picks based on my Spotify Wrapped, no 2022 songs were part of my Top 5 which I find it a little weird.

But anyway, this year I haven't been listening to other groups except for SEVENTEEN. So probably, most of the songs listed here are SEVENTEEN songs.


As a B-side enthusiast, Shadow really made it on my top list. Of all the tracks released by SEVENTEEN this year, this is my most favorite one. First reason is because of it's melody. When SEVENTEEN released their album highlights, this immediately caught my attention. But when it was finally released, I immediately searched for the lyrics and I loved it even more.

Shadow, my shadow, my shadow 
I don't want others to see you

For me, Shadow represents my inner fears, failures, or any bad things in life. Honestly speaking, we don't want other people to see our ugly side. But as the song progresses, they started accepting these shadows and say that shadow is a part of them.

I'm still having a hard time accepting this ugly side of mine, but eventually we'll get there.


Another B-side song from SEVENTEEN, Circles. I wasn't able to appreciate it much when it was first released because I was so busy with my Palawan trip. But when I finally got the time to read the lyrics I fell in love with it. It's really a song that explains my whole life this 2022.

You must be wondering
“Where should I head to? What am I looking for?”
You go closer to the sky to cry
So that no one sees your tears

It's just the start of the song yet it has wrapped up my whole 2022. This year definitely hasn't been a good year. Although I have experienced some fun things too, but as a whole it wasn't a good one. But as I listen to this song, I felt some comfort knowing that like the clock's hands, it goes around but it will always come back to its place.

Girls' Generation - Forever 1

The most awaited comeback of the year, Girls' Generation's comeback. To be honest, I'm so happy to see my girls have their comeback. This song is really a fun song to listen to. And because of TikTok, I was able to know the dance to this song.

But unlike the first two songs that I listed first, I didn't search about the lyrics. I just simply vibe to the song when I listened to it. Although it's a fun song to listen, I felt like crying because I remember the moments when I started becoming a KPop fan.

Super Junior - Mango

Missing the whole 2nd generation vibes, Mango gave me another Super Junior song to vibe into. Same with Girls' Generation's song, I didn't ay much attention with the lyrics instead of the rhythm and melody of the song. I really love to play this whenever I'm driving since it somehow keeps me awake. And I'm so happy I got to hear this live too.

SEVENTEEN Vernon - Black Eye

I know, this was just released a few days before Christmas, but yes, this one made it on my top list for my favorite KPop songs this 2022. Giving me the 5SOS Avril Lavigne Simple Plan vibes, I really love this song. It's my type of music before that's why I liked it even before they released the song. Just with it's teaser, I know I'm going to like this one.

My Spotify Wrapped 2022

I'm just going to show you my Spotify Wrapped this 2022. It's funny that most of the songs that I listened to this year were released in 2021. Plus, as you can see, I am the Replayer because I love to replay the same songs over and over again. I don't know what's wrong with me this 2022 but I felt like I just want to listen to familiar songs instead of new ones hence the result.

Anyway, how about you guys? What are your top KPop songs this 2022? Share it to me!

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