Seungkwan Moments that Will Always Be Memorable For Me

January 16, 2023

Seungkwan will always have a special place in my heart

Do you have that member in a group wherein he or she isn't your bias yet holds a special place in your heart? Well, in my case, that is Boo Seungkwan. Ever since I became a Carat, I have been a solid Joshua and Wonwoo biased. But, Seungkwan always have a special place in my heart. I think of him as my younger brother who I want to take care of always.

To celebrate Seungkwan's special day, I have listed down here my favorite Seungkwan moment that will forever be memorable to me.

Seungkwan hitting the high notes

I will never ever forget the iconic 4 high notes of Pretty U. As someone who loves to sing, it's really difficult to reach such notes. And I appreciate Seungkwan for that. He has been singing it well. But not only that, I also love it whenever he sings Kidult effortlessly.

Seungkwan eating sausage

Who would forget this iconic scene? Up until now, this lives rent-free in my mind. SEVENTEEN had their reality show "Seventeen's One Fine Day" which aired in 2016. In here, the boys went on Yeoseo Island with only few items with them. They even have few food before.

This scene is where Seungkwan saw a sausage near the telephone and hid it. Instead of sharing it with his fellow members, he ate it all himself. But what made it funny is when Woozi happened to catch Seungkwan eating it which made Seungkwan's disguise busted. This scene will always make me laugh.

Seungkwan during Hot

I was really amazed at how handsome and mature Seungkwan looks at the Hot music video. Because of his fluffy cheeks, it makes him so young and cute. But during Hot music video, he definitely look different which I really love. I have been tweeting about Seungkwan's look here ever since this music video was released.

Seungkwan being the 'Aju Nice' police

Will you jump or not? Aju Nice will always be iconic in every SEVENTEEN events. Mainly because it's never ending. Even the members get surprised when they thought it has already ended. But during this segment, Seungkwan has been eyeing on Carats who don't jump during Aju Nice.

There are a lot of fancams wherein you can see Seungkwan pointing on certain fans who don't jump. But not only that, he even say it all the time that he will be checking those Carats who are not jumping. I really love his expression whenever he points on those Carats who are not jumping.

Here are just some of the Seungkwan moments that I love. How about you? What's you're favorite Seungkwan moment? Share it to me!

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