UNBOXING: SEVENTEEN The Name;17 Photobook

January 08, 2023

Back with another unboxing blog. AND YES, it's another SEVENTEEN merch. If you have read my Fangirl's Pick: Favorite K-Merch of 2022, you'll probably know that almost all my merch in 2022 were SEVENTEEN related. I received this merch a few days before the end of 2022.

To be honest, I also don't know why I bought this merch since I'm not really into photobooks. But I ended up buying it too. I plan to sell some of the photocards and inclusions here but now that I have it with me, I'm having a hard time letting it go.

Anyway, I'll be sharing to you the contents of this merch.

SEVENTEEN The Name;17 Photobook Inclusions


I like the color of the outerbox. But the only thing that I hate here is it's too thin to be a cover of the inclusions. It has the same style with SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun albums (which I haven't posted here on my blog). This outerbox can easily dent the inclusions. I hope next time they won't use this style.

Weverse POB

Same goes with In The Soop photobook, if you pre-ordered this item, you'll receive a pre-order benefit from Weverse. For their POB, you'll get two unreleased mini photos (random 2 out of 13) with one photo frame. In my case, I got Jeonghan and Joshua. I'm so happy with this because my OTP is JiHan. I haven't placed it on my table because my table is so crowded now.

Photobook Set

There are two photobooks included in this merch - Future Dream version and Odd Dream version. I don't know which version I like more but I really love both concepts. I'll be showing you some photos of the photobooks.

Odd Dream version

Mingyu really looks so cute in this version. I really love the color too.

Future Dream version

Now I remember why I bought this merch. It's because Wonwoo is wearing a sleeveless top. I love his styling here to be honest. So yeah, that's why I bought this merch. lol.

Instant Photo

You will also get one random instant photo per photobook. Since there are two photobooks, you'll get a total of two. For the Future Dream version, I got Joshua's instant photo which is the instant photo that I really like to have. And I got Vernon's instant photo for the Odd Dream version.

Poster Book

You'll also get a poster book which has photos of the members on both versions. It's actually a back to back one. The quality of the photobook is quite good too. It's thick.

Folding Poster Set

Odd Dream version

Aside from the poster book, there's also the folding poster set. It also has the Odd and Future dream versions. This is the poster that I'm more familiar with since this is quite thinner.

Future Dream version

I don't really mind much if it's folded since I don't stick posters anymore. Before I choose a rolled poster because I don't want my posters to be folded. I still need to find a binder for my posters so that it won't be stuck there on the poster tube. To minimize the space too.

Digital Code Card

At first, I was kind of lost what this is. Until I removed the card. Aside from the digital card, it's also like a mini photocard frame. But I won't be using it since it's a bit flimsy.

Photocard Set

For the photocard set, I got the Future Dream version. There are two versions of the photocards too. But you only get one version and it's random. Since I don't know which version I like more, I just decided to have mine in random.

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