KDRAMA REVIEW: Reborn Rich (2022)

January 15, 2023

I should have included Reborn Rich in my Favorite KDramas of 2022 but I just started watching it after I wrote my blog. But it's really one of the best KDramas I have watched in 2022. I remembered when a friend asked me if Reborn Rich has a similar KDrama and I can't think of something similar to it (well, at least to the KDramas I have watched). This only means that Reborn Rich is a new type of drama for me.

About Reborn Rich

Title: Reborn Rich (재벌집 막내아들)
Episodes: 16 episodes (Around 1 to 1 and 15 minutes each)

Song Joongki as Jin Do Jun / Yoon Hyun Woo
Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang Cheol
Shin Hyun Been as Seo Min Young

Plot: It is a story of Yoon Hyun Woo who has worked for Soonyang but was falsely accused of embezzlement and was shot while on a business trip. But then, he woke up being Jin Do Jun, the youngest grandson of the Jin family.

What I Like About Reborn Rich

This drama feels new to me

Although I have watched dramas about family fighting for the company or for money, Reborn Rich has a different vibe to me. To be honest, during Episode 1, I was a bit bored. But when Hyun Woo woke up as Jin Do Jun, it started to get more interesting.

I don't understand anything about stocks or business. But still this drama made got me hooked to the point that I wanted to be someone intelligent to establish a big business.

The drama really showed how intense one can be when it comes to position and inheritance. One can even kill someone in order to have what they want. Although it isn't new in general, the way they portrayed it in the story made me feel like it's new.

They incorporated events that happened in Korea before

The disbandment of the Korean group, Korea reaching the semi-finals, creating the Digital Media City, these happened in real life. And I love how they used it in this story.


I have read a lot of things saying that Reborn Rich's ending is not good. That's why I was a bit hesitant watching the drama. But for me, I liked the ending. Although I felt it was a bit rushed, I still think that it's the right ending. I can't imagine having any other ending than that. There may be some questions on why Jin Do Jun and Yoon Hyun Woo looks alike but I believe it's just to create an illusion that Hyun Woo lived as Do Jun when in fact people see them differently.

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