SEVENTEEN is going back 'In The Soop' for the second season

January 14, 2023

SEVENTEEN is finally having their rest after their hectic schedule!

Since the start of 2022, SEVENTEEN has been working so hard meeting their fans through fan meetings, fan signing events, and even a world tour, "Be The Sun". The boys definitely had a lot on their plate. Although Carats wanted to see more contents from them, they also wished that SEVENTEEN would find time to rest.

In The Soop is known as the "healing reality show" as artists head on to what we call the "Soop (forest)" to relax and just enjoy their time with nature. Aside from SEVENTEEN, BTS and the Wooga Squad also had their own season of In The Soop.

SEVENTEEN leader S.Coups spoiling In The Soop Season 2

Before the official announcement of SEVENTEEN's In The Soop Season 2, S.Coups has shared through a Weverse live that they are going to film In The Soop. His co-member Jeonghan scolded him saying that they shouldn't share these things yet.

A few days later, the members posted some photos on Weverse that made fans speculate that they are indeed filming In The Soop.

When and where will In The Soop 2 be released?

SEVENTEEN In The Soop 2 will officially be out starting January 28, 2023, 8PM through Weverse. It will also be aired in JTBC on January 29, 6:40PM.
We're excited to see the activities that they will be doing here. In the mean time, you can check out the list of activities they did during the first season.

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