MANIFESTO in Manila: My First KPop Concert in 2023

February 06, 2023

My first concert in 2023

ENHYPEN had their three-day concert here in Manila last February 3 - 5, 2023. And all those dates were sold out. I didn't expect that ENHYPEN has a very huge fan base here in the Philippines. It was really good to see that the boys are very much loved here in my country. Anyway, I got to attend the concert on the first day, the Feb 3 date.

My concert buddy for today is Gray. She is a huge fan of ENHYPEN. We almost had the same bias - Heesung. But I'm actually torn with Heesung and Sunghoon. I really can't choose yet.

This is our view during the concert. It's on VIP 222 D-8. It's actually closer in person than in my phone camera. But because of my blurry eyes, I still have a hard time seeing them so I focus on the LED screen or on the screen of my phone.

Things I like during MANIFESTO in Manila

The amazing stage presence

Even though this is their first world tour, I wasn't able to feel that they are nervous. It's more of they are more excited to perform in front of this crowd. They were really giving their best during each performances.

Throughout the whole concert I noticed that Heesung really loves to do body waves/rolls or whatever you call that step.

The fan service

During Polaroid Love, the boys went down to greet their fans closely. They really stayed so long in the standing area. I'm really sure that the ones there are so lucky to experience being that close with ENHYPEN. I hope they won't change and still continue to give this kind of fan service every time.

The stage set-up

Although their normal stage for the tour, the one with the rising stage, it's been a long time since I actually seen a live one here in the Philippines. Most of the time, it's just an extended stage and nothing more. That's why I appreciate PULP for really making it possible. I really hope that there will be more amazing stages here in the Philippines soon (although the more amazing that stage is the higher the ticket costs lol).

The fan chant and fan song

The Philippines is really known to be the loudest crowd. Not only in KPop but also in Western acts. We love to sing the song together with the artist as loud as we can. That's our nature. And in this concert, I was able to hear both the fan chant and the fan song. It wasn't only ENHYPEN who were amazing that night but also PH ENGENEs.


Overall, the concert experience was really good. If given the chance to see ENHYPEN again, I would love to. Here's my short vlog of the concert!

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