Let's go to VIU VILLAGE

February 18, 2023

Swak sa dubbing, Swak sa feels

To celebrate the milestone of Viu having more than 100 Tagalog-dubbed shows on the platform, they launched a special event, Viu Village, which is held at the SM Megamall Activity Center from February 18-19, 2023. As a KDrama fan myself, I definitely did not miss this chance to visit it!

What's in Viu Village?

Photo booth and standees

To be honest, I'm not the type of person who loves to take a photo of myself. But hello, these handsome oppas are surrounding me. Who am I to resist, right? Since they're far away, my only chance to have a photo with them is through their standees.

But not only that, you can also have your photo printed when you take a photo at the photo booth. You can also hold different signages to show your love for Viu and KDramas!

Interactive Games with Prizes

There are a lot of games you can try here. But of course, my favorite game is the Memory Game wherein I have to match the drama posters. You know why that's my favorite? It's because the prizes are photocards. If you have been following my blog and Youtube channel, you would definitely know how much I love collecting photocards!

Because I was able to get three right answers, I got the chance to get the photocards that I want. To be honest, I want to get one of each but I stopped myself and just chose my top three photocards which are Kim Se Jeong, Lee Seung Gi, and Ji Chang Wook.

With the other games, I was able to get some lightening soap from Dr. Wong's.

The games are very simple and you will definitely win these prizes!

Live Dubbing Booth

Of course, since this event is about the Dubbed Asian Dramas, it's a must to have this live dubbing booth wherein you can try to be a voice actor for a couple of minutes. As an introvert, I have never thought of becoming a voice actor because I cringe whenever I hear my voice. But I can say that this activity is so fun - much better if you have a friend to try with.

Since I went there alone, I have to try it alone. I tried voice dubbing a scene from "Sh**ting Stars" which I still haven't finished writing my review (sorry! lol). You can also get a copy of your dubbing session. Here's mine! *I'm not a voice actor so please excuse me hehe*

There are a lot of dramas you can choose to dub. You can do the female part only, the male part only, or you can do both if you're with your friends. This is really fun!

How to attend this event?

Viu Village is in SM Megamall Activity Center. It will be there until February 19, 2023. Since this is a free event, you only need to download the Viu app and register at the booth near the arc. Then, you can start roaming around to experience the booths. Make sure to join the raffle too because there are a lot of amazing prizes.

The staff there are so kind they will assist you with the registrations and the games. Just a friendly reminder, if you want to be first in line, make sure to come early since the lines can really be long.

Thank you so much Viu Philippines for inviting me in this event and for the goodie bag. It was worth the travel. I really can't wait to show more dubbed shows to my parents since they are really looking forward in watching Asian dramas in our language.

Download the VIU app on Google Play or Apple Store so that you can watch your favorite Asian dramas for free. Follow VIU also on their social media accounts to be updated with their new releases.

Check out my Mini Vlog of the event

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