My K-Verse in Manila Story

April 18, 2023

K-Verse in Manila made me break my social media hiatus

At around mid-February, I have been off social media. I barely go online. I barely even talk with my friends (to the point that they might have thought that I have cut them off lol). I'm just doing it for my own emotional well-being. But K-Verse in Manila made me pause my social media hiatus.

Ever since I became a fan of The Boyz in 2021, it has been my dream to see them live on stage again. Note, this isn't my first time seeing The Boyz. I have seen them twice already but this is my first time seeing them as a fan. I was really looking forward in meeting them last year unfortunately, they did not come to the Philippines.

Thankfully, this 2023, they came to the Philippines through K-Verse, an event produced by Makeitlive. Aespa and Taeyeon were also part of the event. I am very much thankful for Makeitlive for this opportunity.

K-Verse in Manila - April 11, 2023

K-Verse in Manila happened last April 11, 2023 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. My seat was in Lowerbox 218 and this is my view. Although I can say that my view is good, but my eyesight isn't so I still tend to look at the LED to see the artists' faces.

There were actually a lot of K-Pop fans who attended the concert. And there's a variety of colors from the lightsticks. It was really fun attending a concert again.


First performer of the night, aespa. Who would have thought that I'll get to see aespa live? Who would have thought that I'll get to hear Next Level live? I haven't been following aespa in their journey but I am aware with their songs and concept since they have a unique one.

All I can say is they are all gorgeous! My gosh! I can remember the feeling when I first saw Red Velvet during their rookie days. They really look so good in person. If I were to choose my bias in aespa I guess I'll go with Winter. I really liked her a lot during K-Verse.


The second performer, of course, the reason why I attended this event, The Boyz! It feels so good to see them again. This time I was really focused on them and screamed so loud. Especially for my bias, Sunwoo, who happens to be celebrating his birthday the next day. I know that they are still tired because they had an event in Paris then they arrived in the Philippines the exact day of the event. My boys are really working so hard so I hope people will recognize them too.

I am very happy that I got to hear Thrill Ride, Maverick, and Roar live. I became a fan ever since Thrill Ride. Maverick was my first ever comeback with them. And Roar was their latest comeback. That's why these songs are very special to me.

I really hope I can see them again soon in their solo concert. Who knows, I might attend their concert in Seoul?


And of course, the last performer of the night, the one and only Taeyeon. The last time I saw her was in 2018 for her solo concert. It has been 5 years already! Who would have thought that time flew so fast? Seeing her again that night made me feel like it's my first time seeing her. As a fan of Girls' Generation, it's really my dream to see the members. Since there won't be a group tour anytime soon, going to their solo events will help me achieve these dreams.

Taeyeon had a shorter setlist compared with the two artists but it was still worth it because of her amazing voice. I know she's been singing live and I really appreciate her voice so much.


As a multifan, K-Verse is really a worth it event because I got to see three idols in one event. I am so thankful for Makeitlive for making this event possible. To end this blog, here is my mini vlog of the event.

@annyeongruth As a multifan, I really enjoyed watching #KVersePH since I like all the artists 😭 So happy that I got to see Taeyeon and The Boyz again. And also first time seeing aespa! Thank you @MAKEITLIVE for this event! More fancams @A Fangirl's Heart #kpop #aespa #theboyz #taeyeon #minivlog #concertvlog ♬ ROAR - THE BOYZ

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