What's inside the premium kit of Seventeen's Love Fanmeeting in Tokyo?

June 12, 2023

An addition to my collection

I know I haven't been posting much about my collection recently. It's just because I am too lazy to take the photocards and albums out of the box and take a picture of it. I actually haven't been filming unboxing videos for my Youtube channel. Because I'm on my ghosting era and I don't want people to see I'm online (well, they barely visit my blog so I'm safe here lol).

But since this item is a very special one for me, I have decided to share to you the actual inclusions of the kit from SEVENTEEN Love Fanmeeting in Tokyo Day 2.


Gift Bag

I'll be honest with you. I was shocked when I received this. I have been seeing this since the Osaka stop and I thought this was actually big. But when I received it, it was actually small. I thought I was going to have a new shopping bayong bag but to my surprise, it was really small.Even some other PH Carats were laughing with me because they also thought this was big.

For the Day 1, the kit was color pink. It was the inverted of this one. Although personally I wanted the pink one, I also appreciate the blue one. The important is I received one.

Premium Seat Strap Pass

I didn't wear this during the fanmeet. It wasn't required but I saw some Carats using it. I plan on using the strap soon once I move to Korea *ehem that's another story to tell in the future*

Premium Seat Pass Sticker

When I checked the inclusions, I didn't know what this one was and what's the purpose of this. It's like a cloth thing but a sticker. I don't know where to use this so I'll just place it back on the plastic.

Rubber band / baller

They call this rubber band, but I call it baller. While I was taking a photo of this, I noticed that the holes were actually in heart shape. It looks really cute.

Ribbon Hair Band

I am pretty sure this hair band can't handle my thick hair. That's why I don't know where I'll use this. This is more of a strap that a hair band for me haha.

Silver Tape Keyring

This is one of my favorite inclusions. I'll definitely use this. I plan on using this for my phone but I have yet to buy a phone tab and of course, I want it to be Seventeen related.


@annyeongruth Premium seat ticket holders for the SEVENTEEN Love Fanmeeting in Tokyo Day 2 received this gift. The ticket price is definitely worth it. Thank you SEVENTEEN! #kpop #seventeen #seventeenlovejapanfanmeeting ♬ original sound Ruthie | The Fangirl

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