Mabuhay Restaurant: A Filipino Restaurant and Sari-Sari Store in Busan

September 28, 2023

Mabuhay Restaurant in Busan

It's been a month since I moved to South Korea to study. For the whole month, I have been eating only Korean food. And because of this, I miss eating Filipino food. While I was searching, I saw that there is a Filipino restaurant here in Busan which is named Mabuhay Restaurant.

How to Go to Mabuhay Restaurant

Address: 13, Jungang-daero 195 beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan (부산 동구 중앙대로195번길 13)

Mabuhay Restaurant is near Busan Station. You can either take the bus or the subway and then just drop off at Busan Station. If you rode the subway, take exit 5 and then turn left. Just walk for a few meters and you'll immediately see this sign.

The restaurant is at the 2nd floor.

What to Expect at the Mabuhay Restaurant

The place is a bit small

Aidana and I eating at the Mabuhay Restaurant
There were only few tables and chairs at this restaurant. And the sari-sari store is already located there too. Even if it was small, you can feel the Philippine carenderia vibe there. The staff there was very kind and yes, thankfully, she is a Filipino and can speak the language.

Just some side note, it's really hard to switch languages from English, Korean, and Filipino.

It offers different Filipino food

From silog to our favorite Sinigang, they definitely offer a lot of Filipino food that I personally miss. The prices ranges from 6,000 KRW to 12,000KRW. To be honest, the foods are a bit pricey for an everyday meal. That's why I said, I'll probably just go here once a month.

But the taste did not disappoint.

We ordered Sisig and Adobo. For it's price, I can say that it's worth it. Even my Kazakhstan friend, Aidana, said that the food was good. I'm so happy that there is sisig because this is one of my favorite meals in the Philippines.

The sisig is 12,000krw (rice not yet included - 2,000krw), the adobo set is 10,000krw. I also ordered C2 since I miss it.

Sari-Sari store

It's not only a restaurant, but a Sari-Sari store too. It offers from the canned goods, to condiments, and snacks. I was really so happy seeing this. If I can hoard them, then I have done it lol. But seriously, I'll be coming back here to buy some canned goods so that if I'm lazy to go out of the dorm, I will just eat canned goods.

Mini Vlog at Mabuhay Restaurant

I am so happy I visited this restaurant. So, if you are also craving Filipino food in Busan, visit Mabuhay Restaurant.

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