Be My Yeobo x Samgyupsalamat

April 23, 2016

I have been so busy these past weeks because of school that's why I haven't posted much on this blog. But actually, a lot of things happened to me this April and definitely it is one of the moments I have.

Last April 2, 2016, one of Bench's endorsers and a known Korean actor, Lee Minho, came to the Philippines to have his short fan meeting. You only need to buy one tee and a perfume endorsed by Lee Minho on any Bench outlets. To be very honest with everyone, I do not plan on going since I am saving my money for other stuff but my mom (who is really an avid fan of Lee Minho) gave me money to buy those things and have my passes on Lee Minho's fan meeting.

At the same time, me and my K-Pop friends planned on having a dinner on that same date since one of our friend will be coming here in Manila (she's actually from Cebu). So, we decided to go to Lee Minho's fan meeting in Megamall and after that have our dinner.

It was 3pm when I arrived at the venue and I was so shocked with the number of crowd.

Since I am not allowed to be with the crowd, due to health problems, my friend (Ate Jen) and I decided to go up and just find a place where we can still see Lee Minho.

Look at those people. We can actually see them waving (like ocean waves). This is how Philippines love Lee Minho.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, Lee Minho finally arrived and the crowd went wild. People at my back were really pushing me so hard but I managed to stand still and try to take a good picture of Lee Minho.

He is definitely tall and has a perfect skin complexion.

There were 50 people who were able to touch Lee Minho! My classmate was actually one of them. Even though I am not a "SUPER" fan of Lee Mino (hey, I like him in Boys over Flowers), I still feel envied. But I am happy for all those who were able to touch Lee Minho.

It was really just a short fan meeting, like 15 minutes, I guess? After the short fan meeting, we then decided to go to Samgyupsalamat at Taft near La Salle St. Benilde for our dinner. From Mandaluyong to Taft, wow, what a trip. :D

But it doesn't matter, the important thing here is that the "GOT7 Squad" is complete.

The last time this squad became complete was November 14, 2015, the time when we all first met too. That was during GOT7's 1st fanmeeting here in the Philippines. And finally, after months, we are complete again! Yay!

And since we are Kpop fans, we decided to eat at a Korean Buffet - Samgyupsalamat.

We enjoyed the food and the company of each other even though we were together for a couple of hours only. Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart.

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