The Valentine of a Single

February 17, 2016

When we hear the word "February", the first thing that comes in our minds is Valentine's Day. We all know that Valentine's Day is celebrated during the 14th of February. A lot of couples are really looking forward to this event. But how about us singles? Do we also look forward for this celebration?

My answer is YES. We do, or should I say, I do.

I celebrated Valentine's day with those people or thing I love.

February 12, 2016

Two days before Valentine's Day, I went back to my former university to visit my friends there and celebrate Feb Fair with them (that is how UPLB students call it).

It has been months since I last saw them and interact with them. So I'm really happy to see them. So, I grabbed the chance to have some pictures with them. At the same time, I ate dinner with them.

After having dinner, we decided to go back to Freedom Park and find a good sit since we will be waiting for Sponge Cola to perform. We waited for more or less four hours. But that long waiting is nothing because Sponge Cola didn't fail us. They were really a professional band, I can say. And not to mention, Yael (their vocalist) looks pretty good.

It was really worth the wait. Aside from enjoying the songs of Sponge Cola, I enjoyed being with my friends.

February 13, 2016

After enjoying the Feb Fair, it's now time to have some art moments.

National Book Store had an event held at the Activity Center, Glorietta II. As you can see in this picture, the event is entitled, "Love Calligraphy". A lot of famous Filipino Calligraphist or Letterers came here to have a short workshop on how they do their calligraphy and lettering. Not only that, six known products came here to sell some of their best selling pens/brushes.

In this picture, you can see one of the famous calligraphist, Anina Rubio (you can check her blog) talking and sharing her knowledge to us and I can say that she is so beautiful and so as her works.

In this event, I also had some hand painting and it's really really cute. Kudos to the Kuya who made this on my hand.

But of course, one of the reasons why I went to an event is to meet my co-IGOT7, Ate Jen, and also my favorite letterer, ABBEY SY!!!!!! (Okay, fan girl mode is on)

This is Abbey (wearing skirt) and her friend, I guess while doing her Art Mural. We actually interrupted her (I'm sorry hihi) and asked a picture with her. This is actually my first time seeing her and my fan girl feeling is already overflowing.

Fan Girl moments together with Ate Jen

So Ate Jen and I waited for Abbey's turn to demonstrate her works and after that we lined up so we can get our copy of her book signed. By the way, you can check Abbey Sy's blog.

Who said that if you're single, you can't be happy during Heart's Day? Just by being with your friends and be somewhere you want, even if you're alone, you can be happy. I celebrated my Heart's Day together with my Elbi friends and co-IGOT7, plus, with my second love, Arts.

Those two days were really tiring because I have to travel to different places but all I can say is, everything is worth it. I was able to have fun with my friends. I was able to learn new stuff regarding calligraphy and lettering. And I was able to be learn and be happy on this time in my life.

I maybe a little late to greet you a happy heart's day, but still, I'm going to greet everyone a Happy Heart's Day! So you guys, how did you celebrate your Heart's Day? :)

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