Attending a Thai Fan Meet: Love by Chance Casts in Manila 2019

February 24, 2019

A lot of you may be shocked because I am posting something about Thai since I always post about Koreans. Let me give you a heads up, I attended this fan meeting not as a fan, but as a photographer. But I can say, that I became a fan of these artists when I met them.

How did I become a photographer of the event?

This is to give you a little bit of a background on how I became a photographer of the event. I have a friend, Han, who handles Thai Fan Meetings here in the Philippines together with her team, Wish Us Luck. I actually met her because of DAY6. Since she knows that I do some coverage of different events, she contacted me to be their official photographer. And this eventually led to me being a part of the team itself.

Me taking a photo of MarkGun. Special thanks to Erica for this photo.

I barely watch BL Thai series. It's not much of my cup of tea. But I watch Thai Series (when I have time) like the U-Prince Series.

Surprise Birthday Celebration for Plann

Before the fan meet, we had the chance to give one of the actors, Plann, a birthday celebration. His birthday is February 19, and the staff of Wish Us Luck decided to give him a Jollibee party.

I took this photo for Wish Us Luck.

I was not able to eat a full meal here. All I got was some fries. But the hunger never bothered me (let it go~). As long as I saw these boys eating well, and laughing so hard because of the performances, I am good. They really enjoyed the food, as well as the performances. Especially Cooheart. He even danced with the other staff.

If you have noticed, Saint isn't here. Why? Because, he slept early. We value his health so we just let him sleep.

The casts were so kind that we were able to have a selca with them. Here are my photos:

Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture with the main leads, Saint and Perth. Saint, because he was not there. And Perth, because a lot are asking pictures of him that I was not able reach the allowed time to take a picture HAHA. Anyway, we had a group photo, that's enough.

Fan Meeting

Awake for more than 24 hours and haven't eaten a decent meal, who would have thought I'd survive? Or should I say, we survived? That is why I look highly on organizers of events, whether big or small. It's hard to organize an event.

The fan meeting started a little bit late and ended late too. But that doesn't matter. The important thing is everyone enjoyed. Even Plann, himself said, that the Philippines has the loudest screams for them. Well, the Philippines are really the loudest fans. Perth even said that he was happy to see that there are a lot of fan boys here.

Most memorable moments during the fan meeting:

I assisted Title during the gift giving.

Again, thank you Erica for this picture.

We were lacking of staff so I had to help in any tasks.

I'll admit. Title has caught my attention the most. I'm still figuring why and how, but he definitely snatched my heart. While I was assisting him, a fan gave him a ring with red blinking lights to wear. He wore it on his pinky finger.

After a few minutes, he suddenly reached out his hand to me. I was a bit buffering that time so I didn't understand what he wanted me to do with his hand. A few seconds later I realized, he was asking me to remove the ring from his hands and put it inside the box behind him.

Since the ring was a little bit small, it was hard to remove it from his finger. So I had to touch his hands to remove it. And my fangirl heart just died. He suddenly gave me a smile. Maybe he realized that he should have just took the ring out by himself and gave it to me.

And see that photo above? He actually thought that I gave him those gifts. But it was not from me, unfortunately. It was a from a group of fans.
Mark posing like an angel for my camera

Who's heart will not melt if he gave you this look?

I actually thought that he was thinking of something (like daydreaming? idk) but he was looking at my camera for more than 10 seconds. So that means he was really posing. And damn man, I just died.
Fans getting mad at me because the program was late

Since I am wearing an organizer ID, some fans (or should I say just two fans) continually ranted at me for not starting on time. They even asked me to stop the perks and continue with the fan meeting itself since they have some flights to take. And also because they waited a long time outside.

I know it took a long time before it actually started. I know that the program was already late. But remember, the organizers are not the only one who decide. The Thai management also has something to say to these situations. They can decide too.

I just hope some fans will be mindful of all the struggles and pains that the organizers are dealing with. We're not perfect but we try to bring the fans the best that we can.
Becoming a human barricade

I never thought that the scenarios that I see on the KPOP world will happen in the Thai World too. When the artists are about to go to the bus, a lot of fans are waiting outside the elevator and in front of the bus entrance. In order for them not to get hurt, the staff started block everyone, which eventually became a human barricade.

The fans became wild when the artists went out. Oh and yeah, I got hit by a lot of hands. When the artists entered the bus, they looked at the window and waved at the fans. It was fun that despite the commotions, they still looked at their fans happily.

Honest thoughts about the fan meeting

It wasn't perfect. There are a lot of flaws. But it was all worth it. I enjoyed every piece of it even if I am not that avid fan. What more if I am really a fan, right? I believe that these flaws will be overcome on the next events since the team is very flexible.

The perks were so great! A hitouch, a group photo, gift-giving, poster signing, a selca with each member, around 10k ticket price (most expensive), what more can you ask for? I remember buying a ticket worth 13k and I only have a hitouch with it. Note, it was even a raffled one (luckily I got chosen in the raffle). It's really worth your money and time. How I wish KPOP's perks were also same, right?

The crowd was great, especially the ones on the IC tier. They were really so loud and screaming at the top of their lungs. The only problem is that there are a lot of fans who don't listen to us especially regarding the cameras. I just hope, that soon Wish Us Luck team will add more members so that there will be a lot of staff to help during the event.

Special Thanks

Thank you so much Wish Us Luck team for allowing me to be a part of the team and for being kind to me even if I just met some of you for the first time. You guys are really great! I'm suddenly missing all of you. I met a lot of great people here. I also experienced a lot of first times. Everything was really worth it.

Thank you also for Headliner Manila for being there and supporting the boys.

Here are some of the photos I took:

Until next Thai event.

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