Seeing iKON during the Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch in Manila

March 10, 2019

I never thought I'll get to see iKON this close, or even attend this event. Why? First of all, I am not a Samsung user. And even if I am, for sure I can't afford the required Samsung model to join the event. Second, I am not lucky with raffles. But thankfully, I got a media pass under

As you all know (if you have been reading my past blogs), I have been covering events for for almost 2 years now. This time, I was given another task to cover the Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch in Manila. The event happened at the Cove Manila, Okada Manila last February 26, 2019.

Before I tell you my story with iKON, let me introduce to you Samsung Galaxy S10 (posting some snippets from their press release).

What does Samsung Galaxy S10 offers?

It has a Maximized Infinity-O Display

The Maximized Infinity-O Display comes in three variants: a 5.8-inch display for the Galaxy S10e, a 6.1-inch display for the Galaxy S10, and a 6.4-inch display for the Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy S10 generates a wider and more accurate range of colors, even in the darkest of scenes.

It can perfectly capture any moment with the True Vision Multi-Camera

The Galaxy S10’s True Vision Multi-Camera combines a full array of lenses in one powerful device. Powered by upgraded AI, the Galaxy S10 automatically adjusts its settings based on the scenes being captured. It can even suggest composition recommendations to frame the shot beautifully.

It has an Intelligent Performance

The Galaxy S10 delivers efficient and seamless user experience with an 8nm mobile chipset. Engineered for the best possible performance, the flagship phone’s hardware increases CPU & GPU performance while reducing power consumption. This allows the device to launch frequently used applications and games smoothly. The Galaxy S10 also offers the largest storage capacity available on a Galaxy device. It has 1TB of built-in storage expandable up to 1.5TB on the limited-edition Galaxy S10+ variant.

It introduces the Wireless PowerShare

Samsung also introduces the Wireless PowerShare feature on the Galaxy S10. It allows the charging of Qi-certified smartphones by simply placing them against the flagship smartphone.  The Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare will also charge compatible wearables, such as the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds. This allows on-the-go users to avoid the hassle of looking for sockets to charge their devices.

It has a variety of colors

The Galaxy S10e will be available in Prism White. While the Galaxy S10 will be available in Prism White and Prism Black. Consumers who will opt for the Galaxy S10+ (128GB) will have three colors to choose from. The Prism White, Prism Black, and Prism Green. The Galaxy S10+ (1TB) will also be available in a premium Ceramic Black variant.

iKON Time!

So, one of the main highlights of the event is the special guest. You know who they are, iKON. They actually performed three songs - Love Scenario (still the best!), Killing Me (죽겠다), and Bling Bling. They also have some few talk segments or introduction about themselves.

The event won't be complete without Jinhwan's famous Bisaya lines, "Sakit aking tiyan, sakit aking ilong..." It's fun to hear it live once again. At the same time, he told the crowd how much he love the Filipino dish, Sinigang.

The group mentioned that they will be coming back to the Philippines soon for their second concert. So I guess, we need to save up iKONICs, if we want to see them again.

The event ended after their performance and a few photo op with the executives and VIPs.

To be very honest, I only have very few photos of them during the event. I was assigned as a videographer that night. Good thing, the camera that I used was the Sony RX100 iii wherein I can actually take photos while recording videos.

Because I was there to work and not to fangirl (even if I badly want to T_T), I was not able to stare at them for so long. I was so busy with the camera, making sure I can get close up video shots.

Here is a video of iKON performing 2018 Song of the Year, Love Scenario.


Here are the solo shots I manage to get from the Sony RX100 iii (still editing Bobby's photo, will update this soon):

Until the next blog of my events.

I am so sorry for myself because I barely blog the past few weeks even though I promised myself that I will be blogging frequently. It's just that there are too many events, too many things to do with school, and I can't find time to write.

Even though it is late, I will continue to blog the events I attended. So I hope you can wait for it. :)

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Special thanks to Samsung Philippines and for this opportunity

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