K-Friends Welcome Kit from Korea Tourism Organization

February 21, 2021

As a Korean enthusiast, I have been promoting different kinds of Korean contents here in my blog and my SNS accounts. Because of the quarantine, I have been more active than usual. Last year, 2020, I became a part of Korea Tourism Organization's program, "K-Friends".

What is K-Friends?

K-Friends is an online supporters group formed by the Korea Tourism Organization to promote Korea and anything related to it (like KPOP, KDrama, K-Culture, and more). KTO posted on their SNS accounts about the K-Friends recruitment. Anyone can actually be a K-Friend as long as you love Korea and is active in promoting it.

The benefits of being a K-Friend is that you get to have an online certificate, a welcome gift, ranking rewards, and more. Just a few days ago (as of writing), I received my welcome kit.

What's inside the Welcome Kit?

The Welcome Kit is a special gift for the members. The items included in the kits actually vary depending on our country. For the K-Friends in the Philippines, here are the items included in the kit:

Korean Traditional Pattern Mask

This is a fabric mask with the traditional Korean design. What I love about this is the color of the mask is pink! As you all know, I love pink. Aside from that, like some other masks, there is also a metal thing around the nose area. Another thing that I like here is that, the K-Friends logo was embroidered. It's really pretty!

K-Friends Logo Mask (3D Lightweight Mask)

This mask is really good for fashion purposes. You'll look better while wearing it. Aside from that, I don't feel the pressure behind the ears yet it gives a perfect fit on my face. I will definitely use this!

Mask Strap

To be honest, I thought this was somehow a necklace or a bracelet or an anklet. But I find it weird because it has two hooks. Then I searched for some information, and yes, it's definitely a mask strap. I haven't tried putting it on the masks that I received.


A small pouch with the traditional Korean pattern and an embroidered flower designs at the bottom. I really love collecting pouches since I have a lot of things and I love to put them in order. I also love the colors of this pouch.

Reversible Eco-bag

Okay. First of all, I love this because it's pink. Second, it's a reversible eco-bag. The first design is a traditional Korean pattern with the K-Friends logo. The other one is a series of Hangul (Korean letters) printed in a black background with a pink pocket. I honestly prefer the black design. But the pink design is also pretty.

I am very thankful for the Korea Tourism Organization for allowing me to be a part of K-Friends. The items in the welcome kit are very useful especially in today's situation. With this, I feel more enthusiastic in promoting the Korean culture to my fellow Filipinos.

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