Reasons Why I Love Hongdae and Why You Will Love It Too

September 26, 2020

When I was planning on my first Korea trip, I remember asking some friends on where to stay in Korea. A lot of them answered Hongdae. I was a bit intrigued why most of them answered Hongdae. But when I finally got to stay there, I now know the reasons. And today, I'll be sharing to you the reasons why I love Hongdae.

Convenient Transportation

When my friends and I have arrived at the Incheon International Airport, we immediately looked for the train to go to Hongik University. There are actually two types of train in the airport, the Express Train and the All Stop Train. The Express Train runs from the airport to Seoul Station while the All Stop Train stops at all the subway station.

Since we'll be staying in Hongdae, we used the All Stop Train and alight at Hongik University. And from there, we just walked to our chosen hotel/place.

Shopping and Food

When it comes to fashion, I really love how Koreans dress up. Through Hongdae's Shopping Area, I was able to buy cheap yet quality and beautiful clothes. Not only that, I also got to buy a bag worth 10,000 won. If only I have unlimited baggage, I would have bought a lot. Hongdae also have a lot of make-up stores. I don't usually wear make-up but my friends do so I got to check out those stores too.

There are also a lot of good restaurants and cafes in Hongdae. One of my favorite is the Hong Chun Cheon Cheese Dakgalbi. The staff there were really accommodating and they offer a large amount of food per order. You should definitely check it out once you visit Hongdae.

Live Performances

At night, there are a lot of performers in the street of Hongdae. It's either they sing, dance, or some have their own comedy shows. I am so happy to see this live. I only got to see this in KDramas. One of the reasons why I became interested with the Korean culture is because of KPOP. The artists are very talented. As a wannabe-artist, it's fun to watch these people showcasing their talents and having fun while doing it.

Murals on the streets

While walking to our place, I can see a lot of beautiful murals where you can actually take a picture with it and post it on Instagram. And look at my photo, they really put some light so that even at night, people can take a photo with it. Actually, not only the murals, but Hongdae is really an IG-worthy place.

During my stays in Korea, I make sure that I will always stay in Hongdae. In fact, I call Hongdae as my home in Korea. I feel safe in Hongdae (well, I feel safe anywhere in Korea). Once this pandemic is over, I will make sure to go back to Hongdae. Make sure to visit Hongdae if you go to South Korea soon!

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