K-Drama Teachers that will inspire you to do better in life

October 05, 2021


Teachers have a very important role to play in a person’s life. They can either lead the child into having a better outlook in life, or they can harm them. Most students remember their teachers or professors if they gave an impact in their lives.

In K-Dramas, there are also a lot of teachers who have inspired, not only their students in the drama, but us viewers as well. As we celebrate Teacher’s Day, I made a list of some of my favorite K-drama teachers.

In Jae and Se Chan in School 2013

School 2013 is my favorite installment of all the School series that I watched. It really tackled the life of the students and teachers. Not only because of that, but in this drama, you can see how Jang Nara (who plays the role of Jung In Jae) exhibits the kind of teacher that we all needed.

One of the memorable lines that she said was, “This school is a place where we teach people to think for themselves. It’s not just a place where we teach tricks for getting into college. It’s not a cram school business, but a place where we educate human beings.”

Daniel Choi (who plays Kang Se Chan), on the other hand, started as a teacher who has lost his faith in his profession. Eventually, because of Jang Nara’s persistence, he also got back his love for teaching.

Oh Hyuk in Dream High

Everybody probably knows Uhm Ki Joon as the most evil guy in Penthouse. But in Dream High, he’s one of the most lovable characters. He played the role of Kang Oh Hyuk, a teacher in Kirin Arts School. In this series, he was assigned to the not-so-worthy-according-to-the-administration class (Suzy, Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, IU). But he didn’t think of them as not worthy but talents that needed to be molded.

What I love about him is that he even offered his house in order to help the kids reach their dreams. He did his best to get money to support his students financially.

Seung Eun and Deok Man in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Well, who wouldn’t forget our favorite coaches? The two of them made us remember that we need to enjoy the process of getting to our goal. Being successful is just a bonus. The most important thing is our journey. One of the most memorable lines, “How you finish is as important as how you start.”

Professor Yang in Law School

Of course, Professor Yang in Law School. Who wouldn’t forget about his strictness? Although not all of us want a strict professor, a professor like him will help us improve in our studies. He doesn’t easily give the answer right away but he makes his students think in order to get the correct answer.

He reminds me of one of my professors in UP. He is strict but you will definitely learn a lot from him.

Teacher Oh in Moments of Eighteen

A happy-go-lucky teacher but a reliable one, that’s Teacher Oh in Moments of Eighteen. There are a lot of teachers who will say that they will listen, but only few really do. Teacher Oh is one of the most sincere K-Drama teachers out there. He strives so hard to earn the trust of his students. And, he’s really willing to go far for his students.

Ha So Hyun in Class of Lies

Ha So Hyun is a teacher who is very passionate about teaching. Not only about school lessons, but also about life lessons. She wants her students to learn and also be honest with themselves. One of the reasons why she is a great teacher is because she is also willing to fight those who hurt her students.

I really want to experience having teachers like them who won’t give up on me. How about you guys? Who are your favorite K-Drama teachers? Also, Happy Teacher’s Day to all the loving teachers our there.

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