K-Drama Food Alert: Egg Drop Sandwich and Corn Dog

October 02, 2021

Whenever I watch K-Dramas, I always crave for the foods that the characters eat. Whether it’s just ramen or a pizza or a full set meal. I don’t know but they make their food really appetizing and satisfying to watch.

Recently, Egg Drop Sandwich and Corn Dog were trending here in the Philippines because of the K-Dramas “Hospital Playlist” and “Start-Up”. So, during my short stay in Manila, I decided to buy these foods and satisfy my craving.

Egg Drop Sandwich

Egg Drop Sandwich is a popular food in South Korea that has eggs (of course! lol), your choice of fillings - like bacon, ham, cheese, and sauce, sandwiched between thick slices of bread. It is also served in a small paper box with a minimalistic design.

Egg Drop Sandwich was seen in the K-Dramas “Hospital Playlist” and “
18 Again” and Jirisan.

Corn Dog

Corn Dog is not really new to me, or maybe to everyone too. In fact, I have been eating corn dogs when I was a child. But recently, because of the K-Drama “Start-Up”, corn dogs have been trending. The fun thing is that it’s not the typical corn dog that I used to eat.

Corn Dogs nowadays are more than just hot dogs covered with batter, and served on a stick. It has evolved. Corn Dogs now have potatoes, cheese, or even fries! It’s definitely a full-packed snack.

Where did I buy these?

My workmates and I actually bought these Egg Drop sandwiches and Corn Dogs on Oh K-Dog - Mayon Street through Foodpanda. Yes, they have both.

I bought their Ham & Cheese Special and Potato K-Dog.
The Egg Drop sandwiches usually cost P175 but because of a discount from Foodpanda, we got it for only P113.75. The Corn Dogs vary from the size, fillings, and sauces. But it’s usually from P140 - P180.

The store also offers drinks. That's why I bought their Mango Basic.

Is it worth it?

Egg Drop sandwiches and Corn Dogs are usually pricey here in the Philippines. But, I can say that it’s worth it, especially the Egg Drop Sandwich. It satisfied my cravings. Both foods taste good. It’s also kinda heavy on the stomach, that's why one serving can make you full already.

The packaging was just a normal box. They could have improved the packaging to make it more pleasing. But yeah, I’m here for the food.

I can’t wait to eat more food that are seen on K-Dramas.

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