Netflix K-Drama Squid Game Review

September 24, 2021

After Squid Game has been released in Netflix last September 17, my social media timeline has been full of screenshots about it. I also read some thoughts and insights about this. In fact, I also got to scroll around some spoilers. But even if I had seen some clips and saw some spoilers, I still got thrilled while watching it.

About Squid Game

Title: Squid Game (오징어 게임 / Ojingeo Game)
Episodes: 9 episodes (around 1 hour each)

Lee Jung Jae as Seong Gi Hun
Park Hae Soo as Cho Sang Woo
Jung Ho Yeon as Kang Sae Byeok
Oh Young Soo as Oh Il-Nam
Tripathi Anupam as Ali Abdul
Lee Yoo Mi as Ji Yeong
Heo Sung Tae as Jang Deok Soo
Kim Joo Ryung as Han Mi Nyeo
Wi Ha Joon as Hwang Jun Ho

Plot: Squid Game is a story of different people, who failed in their life for different reasons, received an invitation to join a survival game to win millions of dollars. The game was held in an unknown location where the characters were locked up until they have proclaimed the final winner. Most games used here are famous childhood games in South Korea during the 1970s or 80s.

Squid Game Review


It's not for those people with a weak heart

When I actually heard that this drama is a survival game, the first thing that I thought of was Hunger Games. Why? I guess it's because of the killings in order to survive. But a lot of people said that it has more similarities with Alice in Borderland. I didn't think of it because I didn't get to watch that series.

Anyway, this series is full of blood and brutal killings. So, if you have a weak heart, then you have to prepare for it or just close your eyes. I don't actually like seeing bloods. But I guess, I managed to finish it while seeing those bloods all over.

Childhood games won't be the same again

It's not just kill and survive. But this series is more of play and survive. In order to win, you must win the six games. First game was the Red Light, Green Light. I am actually familiar with this game since I used to play it too when I was a child. But we don't call it Red Light, Green Light. I can't remember well but I think it was 7up?

Anyway, the next game was the Honeycomb. It is where you have to cut out the figure in the Dalgona candy without breaking the shape. This game is easy if you got easy shapes. It's quite difficult if you got the umbrella. But what makes it difficult for the players in Squid Game is because of the time pressure and that feeling when someone beside you was killed.

The third game was the famous Tug-of-War. We have this game in almost every camping events or team building. This is actually one of the most thrilling part in Squid Game. But what I like the most here is the old man's strategy and Sang Woo's last minute way of winning.

The fourth game was the Marble or in the Philippines, it's called Jolens. This game is one of the most heartbreaking game. And this is when you'll realize that people, no matter who they are, can and will betray you. But at the same time, there are still some people who will try to help you survive.

The fifth game was the Crossing the Glass Bridge (I'm not quite sure if that's the name of the game). You have to cross the bridge. The twist here is that there are two types of glass - tempered and normal glass. The normal glass can easily break when you step on it. While the tempered glass can hold at most two people.

The last game is Squid Game. This actually reminds me of our very own Patintero. But of course there are differences like the shape of the playing area, one player needs to raise his foot, and more. I actually didn't understand the game that much but it's fun to learn it.

Imagine dying after losing in these games? Since they used childhood games here, I can no longer view it the same way as it was before. It will always remind me on how people were killed.

The love for money definitely is the root of all evil

During the first episode of the drama, they were desperately asking the higher-ups to end the game. They don't want to risk their lives. But when they saw the prize, a lot of people suddenly changed plans. Some even fought with each other and killed them.

But one of the most heartbreaking part is when you betray the people who trusted you just because of money. "He just wanted to live." But he should have played fairly. For those who have watched it, you know who I'm talking about.

We live in an unfair world

One of the memorable part for me was when the doctor and other red staff were killed in Episode 5. There was a line saying that being fair in the game is the most important rule. The people who joined the game has suffered inequality in the outside world that's why they wanted the games to be fair and square for everyone. Without any discrimination.

It hit me because it's true. Although there are times the reason we experience such things is because of the consequences of our decisions, but most of the time we just weren't given the same amount of opportunities and skills like other people.

My Favorite Characters

Ji Yeong

While watching the series, I can't help but to think, "What if I am a part of this game? Will I also betray the people around me so that I can live and win the money?" I kept on thinking about it. While watching this, I concluded that I am Ji Yeong because I am willing to give it up for the person who I think needed it the most.

Our only difference is that I can still think of things to use with that money. But I'm not that desperate to kill other people for the sake of me winning the game.

But you know what, aside from that, the actress reminds me of Sulli. She has resemblance with Sulli.


Ali is one of the best characters out there. I believe a lot of people who have watched this will agree with me. He helped other people but ended up being betrayed by the person he looks up to. The main reason why he wanted to get the money is for his family. Too bad, Sang Woo took advantage of him.

Harsh truth, if you trust too much or you're too naive, people will take advantage of you.

Gi Hun

Although he was not a good husband and son before he entered the game, he proved that he has a kind heart. He was just traumatized with what happened to him before and got lost.

I really love it when he cares so much for other people. Yes, he wanted the money. Yes, he wanted to live. But he'll still take into consideration his friends. Although I felt a bit disappointed with him during the marble game, but at the last episode, it's just fair that he did that lol.

Final Thoughts

I actually have watched this series three times already. First time was when I watched it alone. Second time was with my mom. And third time was with my Dad. And it still give me goosebumps.

Squid Game may be a mainstream series but it's really worth the hype. The production design, the casts, the storyline, everything was well-thought. Every small detail has a significant reason. I am actually rooting for a second season. Who knows they might tackle the stories of the red soldiers there? Plus, I need more details about Jun Ho (the police played by Wi Ha Joon) since his role here didn't leave much impact yet.

How about you? What are your thoughts with this series?

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