UNBOXING: Jeonghan and Wonwoo This Man Album

July 07, 2024

Have you seen This Man?

So, last June 17, SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and Wonwoo released their first album 'This Man'. My album arrived a little bit later than usual but I still received it within a week. I just had a lot of things to do that's why it took me a long time to unbox this.

Just in case you didn't know, I also visited their pop-up store when I went to Seoul. 

This Man Album Inclusions

Weverse POB - Photocard and Coaster

Since I pre-ordered this from Weverse, I got this photocard and coaster of Wonwoo. This is also random. It's either you get Jeonghan or Wonwoo.


There's nothing match eye-catching to the sleevebox of the album. It's just a silver album with texts that are hard to read. Well, maybe that's the concept.


If I didn't like the sleevebox, well, I like the photobook. It has a lenticular photos of Wonwoo and Jeonghan. And the photos inside are also so good.

CD-R with CD Envelope

Since I haven't been watching unboxing videos, I didn't know that the CD is also random. So, I was shocked that I only saw Wonwoo on the CD.

Lyric Paper

This album has three songs - Last Night (title track), Beautiful Monster (Jeonghan Solo), Leftover (Wonwoo Solo).


When I saw this, I remember the clip that I saw on Tiktok that Wonwoo said he doesn't like the sticker much. I love an honest person.

Unit Folded Poster

Individual Folded Poster

This is also random and I got Jeonghan!


For the photocard, you'll get one unit photocard and one random (out of four) member photocard. I got Blonde Wonwoo for the random photocard.


I actually bought two Weverse albums also. But I forgot to take a video and photo of it. I'll just update this blog once I have done it. Anyway, here's a short unboxing.
@annyeongruth UNBOXING || Jeonghan x Wonwoo This Man Album I preordered this from Weverse that’s why I got that Wonwoo POB. 🥰 This is late upload 😅 #kpop #seventeen #jeonghanxwonwoo #jeonghan #wonwoo #thisman ♬ Last night (Guitar by Park Juwon) - JxW

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