Best of Best 2023: My Fangirl Review, Highlights and Goals

January 01, 2024

2023 was my best yet my worst year

Last 2022, I was writing my best of best recaps in the Philippines. But now, I'm writing it here in South Korea. Who would have thought that after years of planning, I am finally living here in South Korea to study.

The first half of 2023 was the worst for me. Worst than I could have ever imagined. It was the time where I lost trust with everything - self, family, friends, life, God. I lost all my will to move forward. A lot of people know me as someone who doesn't give up easily. But it was that time where I gave up and just let life do whatever it wants to happen in my life. I no longer care. There's no more joy.

Despite the fact of having that kind of feeling, I was still gifted with a lot of special thing making my 2023 also the best year.

Love Fanmeeting in Tokyo
The Tokyo dream came true. After being a KPop fan for how many years already, I never expected that I will be able to attend an event in Japan. I was so frustrated that I wasn't able to attend Seventeen's Caratland 2023. Little did I know, I will be able to watch their fanmeeting in Tokyo.

I cannot share much on what really happened but it will always be my traumatic experience ever. And I hope it will no longer happen to me.

Wearing Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung Palace
Aside from the fanmeeting, one of the best things that happened to me this year was moving to South Korea to study for my Master's. I have been dreaming of studying abroad for years now. But as someone who is not financially capable of doing it on my own, I have to rely heavily on scholarships.

Thankfully, I passed the Global Korea Scholarship. And now, I'm here in South Korea.

Comparing my life in the past years, my life was really in both ends this 2023. I also have less fangirling events this year. I know it's for my future but I just can't help but feel sad for my present for always having to sacrifice my now for my later.

For 2024, to be honest, I'm afraid to create more goals as I already feel so bad if I won't be able to reach those goals. But yeah, I'm used to with pains so I'm going to write some goals (that's how contradicting I am)

For my fangirling life

My goal is to watch SEVENTEEN's concerts and fanmeetings here in South Korea. If I will also be given the chance to watch a music show, why not. Aside from that, I also plan to watch DAY6 and Super Junior's concerts here in South Korea.

My main goal is to really see SEVENTEEN, DAY6, and Super Junior.

For my social media platforms

My goal is to continue to post stuff that I want to post. I have to keep reminding myself that this is my platform and I can share what I want to share as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I am so thankful that I have reached 1k+ subscribers on Youtube but I still aim to reach more people and help them.

For myself

My goal is to reach TOPIK 2 Level 4 by the end of my Korean language class and be able to enter my Master's without any problem. With that, I will be studying even harder to reach this. But at the same time, I will not forget to enjoy life.

2024, I'm not ready for you. Please be kind to me. Please be the year that I can say that you are my favorite year. Please be the best year.

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