SEVENTEEN Seungkwan hopes to give warmth through his new solo song 'Dandelion'

February 26, 2024

Thank you to everyone who helped this song come out to the world - Seungkwan

Member of the boy group SEVENTEEN, Seungkwan, has released his solo song "Dandelion" on midnight of February 26.

Ahead of the release, Seungkwan posted a message on Weverse about his feeling that this song that he has been working on is finally going to be released.

He started his post by asking the fans about their day, "How was your day, CARATs? I really rested today. The song I worked on last year will be released to the public in about two hours. I wasn't nervous at all, but all of a sudden I became a bit nervous," he said. "Except for OSTs, it's my first time to release a song by myself . Still, I'm happy to start with Dandelion."

"Working on the song was always at the top of my bucket list, but I always put it off, making my schedule as an excuse." he said. "It has always been a hard time, but this time, I wanted to do 'Dandelion' without procrastinating and thanks to good people, I was able to work with courage."

Regarding the process of making this song, Seungkwan said that he have loved music more because of this work. "With this work, I realized once again that it takes a lot of effort to complete a song. The process was a series of valuable experiences and learning. It was unforgettable working on it, and it made me love music more."

Seungkwan said, "I hope this song reaches CARATs and many people, so that when spring comes and you see dandelion seeds, you will get the strength to live warmly even for a short time," adding, "Thank you to everyone who helped this song come out to the world."

Seungkwan had a hiatus last 2023 due to health reasons and has resumed official activities in October. Dandelion is now available to stream on Korean and global sites.

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