Cafe Aslan 626: Quiet and Aesthetically Pleasing Cafe in Busan

February 07, 2024

Visit Café Aslan 626 when you travel to Busan

One of the famous things in South Korea is their cafes. They have tons of cafes. Although most drinks are just the same the vibes and location of each cafes are different.

After moving to South Korea, I now understood why a lot of KDramas feature different cafes. Although I am not a café-lover, I eventually have been going to different cafes to simply chill and appreciate the surrounding.

Starting this 2024, I'll be sharing here the cafes that I have visited so that when you come to Korea, you can also check it out.

Café Aslan 626

Address:  37, Dalmaji-gil 62, Haeundae-gu, Busan 1st floor (부산 해운대구 달맞이길62번가길 37 1층)

Nearest subway station is Line 2 Jungdong Station (Green Line). After that you have to walk going to this cafe. You can download Naver Maps for a more precise location.

Since Cafe Aslan 626 is near the beach and a little bit far away from the main road, it gave this peaceful and quiet vibe. Because of its brown and white aesthetic, it also refreshing and clean to look at.

When my friends and I arrived there, there were some people staying there but there's still some space for us to stay. Since I am afraid of trying new drinks, my usual orders are Strawberry Latte or Chocolate Latte. So, I ordered Chocolate Latte which costs around 6500krw. Since it's cold outside, I preferred that my drink to be warm.

Their drinks ranges from 4500krw to 7000 krw.

I can't remember what my other friend ordered but this is how our orders look like. Nothing really special. We're just here to chill and take photos.

The place also has a mirror like this wherein you can take a mirror shot. I was somehow satisfied with my photo here even though I thought it was a bit dark at first.

Upon writing this, I just realized that we didn't even have a group shot together. Haha.

After the cafe, you can stroll down the Haeundae Beach.

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