February 09, 2024

Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN Special Gift

For those who are a fan of SEVENTEEN, I'm sure you know what Nana Tour is all about. But just in case you don't know yet, NANA Tour with SEVENTEEN is a show produced by the veteran of travel shows, Na PD, wherein he became a tour guide of SEVENTEEN during their 7-day trip in Italy.

I'll be talking more about NANA Tour once it has finished. As of writing, there's still one more episode left. This can be watched in tvN. The full or extended version can be watched in Weverse.


So, when you pre-ordered the VOD on Weverse, you get a free gift which is this one. You will only pay for the shipping fee and you'll have some remembrance of the show.

Group Photo & Paper Frame

This would have been one of my favorite group shots if only S.Coups was here. But anyway, I really have a soft spot with vacation shows that's why I love this photo. You can definitely see here the different personalities of SEVENTEEN.

Postcard & Paper Holder

I love the fact that they included S.Coups in the edit of this group photo. I don't know what I'll do with the paper holder but I'll just hide it on my collection box for the meantime.


Of course, the most important for collectors, the photocards. This time it's a duo selfie photocards. I really love the photo of Na PD and S.Coups. Aside from that, when you put it all together, this is how the back of the photocards look like:

I still have a lot of Nana Tour merch to come and I can't wait to unbox it.

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