Celebrating SEVENTEEN Joshua's Birthday at Cafe Ben

December 30, 2023

Happy Birthday SEVENTEEN Joshua

Since it's SEVENTEEN Joshua's birthday, my friend Uldana and I went to a birthday event for him. While I was writing this, I realized that events like these are no longer called a cupsleeve event but a Birthday Cafe Event or 생카 (saengka) here in South Korea.

What is a 생카 (saengka)?

생카, which is short for 생일 (birthday) + 카페 (cafe) is an event to celebrate an idol's birthday. Just like a cupsleeve event, fans usually rent a cafe for this event. There will be a special drink and menu that fans will buy in order to get the cups and other freebies.

Cafe Ben in Busan

I'm so happy that there are events like these in Busan too. Most birthday events are usually held in Seoul. But since I am living in Busan, it will be hard for me to keep on going to Seoul for events.

I am very much thankful for the fans who always create these kinds of events.

For Joshua's Birthday Cafe Event, Uldana and I went to Cafe Ben near BIFF Street. Today is the first day of the event so I'm happy that I got to visit it and have these cups and freebies.

In order to have these, you need to buy a drink and a cake. I ordered my favorite Strawberry Latte and Chocolate Cake. While Uldana ordered an Americano and Tiramisu.

There are a lot of birthday events that was held in this cafe that's why they also used past cupholders for our drinks.

The cafe was filled with Joshua's photos. There is also a TV wherein SEVENTEEN songs and his fancams were played. At the same time, they gave us a postcard where we can write a message as well a song that we would like to request.

Aside from these cups, we also received a lot of freebies (Joshua and SEVENTEEN). I actually liked the keychain. All photos are so cute.

Mini Vlog

Here's a mini vlog of my experience celebrating SEVENTEEN Joshua's Birthday at Cafe Ben

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