Fangirl's Pick: Favorite KPop Songs in 2023

December 28, 2023

Favorite KPop Songs in 2023

As 2023 ends, I am back with my Fangirl's Pick series. To start off this series this year, I will choose my favorite KPop songs this 2023. Compared with 2022, I have been listening to other groups' songs (well, mainly because of Tiktok and because of my video editing job). But I still listen more on Seventeen and DAY6 songs this year.

I tried to choose my top 5 songs of the year. I cannot actually show you my Spotify Wrap or Apple Music Replay because it will be filled with past year songs.

SEVENTEEN - Headliner

As a B-side enthusiast, Headliner is definitely one of my favorite songs not only this 2023 but in my whole playlist. The melody is really just what I would always love to listen. But what makes it more better is that the lyrics is made especially for Carats.

Usually with SEVENTEEN songs, I liked the Vocal unit's song the most. But in this album, Headliner won my heart. I will always cry hearing this. I really hope I will get to hear this live.

BSS - Fighting

This song is really a great song to start the year. Aside from its fun beat, the meaning of the song is what we usually feel. Life is really hard. That's a fact. And sometimes, well most of the time, we do not have a choice but just to continue.

For those having a hard time like me, we can just do Fighting all the way.

AKMU - Love Lee

Much awaited comeback from the AKMU siblings, Love Lee really made it's way up to my playlist. Ever since their first album, AKMU's songs have been my comfort song. Whenever I experienced anxiety and panic attacks, listening to their songs helped me a lot. I'm also happy that Tiktok has helped this song in so many ways.

XG - Left Right

One of the songs that I got really LSS with. I barely listen to new groups but thanks to Tiktok, this song from XG caught my attention. Whenever I listen to this song, I can always remember the dance and the melody. I love it really. I hope XG will release more songs like this.

I am actually kinda thinking if this song is under the KPop category since first XG is not composed of Koreans. The lyrics is not Korean. But this was promoted in Korean music shows that's why I considered this as a KPop song.

S.Coups - Me

Although 'Me' was released on the last day of 2023, it has made immediately on my top 5. The lyrics was just so simple you can really feel all the emotions there. But what made me like this song is S.Coup's husky voice. It really fits him.

Bonus Song

Chuu - Underwater

It's so funny that I'm not even a fan of Chuu or her former group Loona. But how did I got to know this song? Well, it's because I was editing a reaction video for this song. And I immediately fell in love with this song.

The melody is just so pleasing to hear. And it really gave me the underwater feels. This song is a very calming and I would love to listen to it every time I feel stressed.

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