Fangirl's Pick: Favorite K-Merch of 2023

December 29, 2023

Collecting merch heals my inner child

Compared with my collection in 2022, I am proud that I have lesser merchandise this year. But still, there are some times where I cannot stop myself from buying especially when it's really so pretty. So, I will be sharing to you my favorite KPop merch purchase this 2023.

Jeonghan's Toram

I bought this physically at SEVENTEEN Artist-Made Collection Pop-Up in Seoul. If I'm not mistaken, this is my first ever Seventeen-related event after moving to South Korea. Although Jeonghan isn't my bias in Seventeen, I loved his merch. I love Toram!

Toram has been my comfort buddy when I was still adjusting in my new life here in South Korea. He has seen my cries and smiles that's why it's a very special item for me. Aside from the fact that I can hug this, Toram also has a small blanket that can be used in airports.

Japan Love FM Premium Seat Kit - Keyring

This keyring is part of the Premium Seat Kit that I got when I attended Seventeen's love fanmeeting in Tokyo. I liked this keyring because I can put this on my bag anytime. Plus, this is one of the memories that I will forever treasure.

Carat 7th Generation Kit - Mug

One of the reasons why I love this purchase is because I can use this in my everyday life while telling the world that I am a Carat. I really love merchandises that I can use. That's why I love this mug from the 7th membership kit. This is what's missing with the 8th membership kit, something that is actually useful in everyday life.

In 2024, I am not quite sure if I will still have a lot of merchandise. It will always depend on my budget and the things that my faves release.

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