UNBOXING: Seventeen 2024 Season's Greetings

December 29, 2023

My SEVENTEEN Season's Greetings for 2024 is now ready!

Season's greetings is one of the merchandises that I am really looking forward to at the end of the year. Although it was only last 2022 when I started buying a complete set of season's greetings, I have been looking forward for it since 2017 because of the diary and the calendar.

Before, I was only buying the tingi version of the season's greetings as I am not interested in other items (and I don't have the money to buy the whole set). But now, since I have my own money to spend, I can buy the whole set.

My first SEVENTEEN Season's Greetings was in 2022. While writing this blog, I realized that I didn't write a blog post about my 2023 Season's Greetings.

And now, since 2023 is about to end, I am so ready for 2024 with my SEVENTEEN Season's Greetings.

Inclusion of SEVENTEEN 2024 Season's Greetings

Weverse Special Gift

If you ordered your season's greetings through Weverse on the dates stated, you will have this special gift which is a door hanging photo frame with three unreleased unit photos.

I am so happy when I saw the preview because I can sense some JiHan interaction there. And I was right. There is a JiHan interaction.


The outbox feels like a folder. I don't like it and I don't hate it either. It's just that if the courier is not careful with the package, it will easily be damaged.

Message Card

The message card, like the name itself, is a circular roulette-type of card wherein SEVENTEEN wrote a message for Carats. It's just a short message per member.

Desk Calendar

I like this desk calendar compared to with the desk calendar in 2023. The 2023 version is like a flip book so it keeps on opening. But this one, it's a flip type of calendar so I like it better.


Like what I have mentioned earlier, this is the main reason why I love buying season's greetings. The scheduler or the diary serves as my planner for the year to come. I love writing and planning. This helps me keep track of the things I need to do during the day or the week.


Of course, every season's greetings have their own photobook. I really love their concept for this season's greetings. They look so fresh especially Joshua. I love his hairstyle the most.

Digital Code Set

The digital code set includes a digital planner and a video. As of writing, I haven't watched the video. But I will, soon. I plan on using the digital planner as well for the contents that I have to do online.

Contents Holder

It's more of like a folder type wherein you can insert some papers to keep them intact.

Postcard Set


For the sticker, you can actually use this to design your scheduler since the scheduler is just a plain white notebook.

Time Card Set

I actually thought this was random. But, it was a set. *sorry for not reading the merch description lol* In this set, aside from the photos, you will also know what's their favorite time and why.

Photocard Set

Of course, our favorite merch, the photocards. When I saw the video previews I immediately knew that I will like Joshua's photocard the most since I like his hairstyle. But when the actual preview was revealed, I never thought I would also like Wonwoo's and DK's photocards.


Unboxing of Seventeen 2024 Season's Greetings

To be updated as I am still editing it. :)

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