First K-Pop Concert Abroad: Here Are The Things You Need To Know

August 05, 2023

Watching K-Pop concert abroad is a dream come true

At one point in our life, we have also dreamt of watching our K-Pop concert abroad. As someone who isn't financially capable, I thought that this will just be part of my bucket list that I won't be able to tick. But I guess the saying "If there's a will, there's a way" made it possible for me to watch K-Pop concert abroad.

My first concert abroad was in 2018 when I watched Wanna One's One: The World in Kuala Lumpur. And the latest K-pop event that I attended was SEVENTEEN's Love Fan Meeting in Japan.

If you plan on attending concerts or fan meetings abroad, you're on the right blog post! I'll be sharing to you what I prepare whenever I attend K-Pop events abroad.

What to prepare for your K-Pop concert abroad?

Concert Tickets

Of course, your main goal is to attend the concert or fan meeting. So, you have to buy your tickets in order to watch it.

When buying tickets, make sure to check the organizers' social media accounts or the official accounts of the group you're going to watch. They update about the details of the ticket selling and the ticket prices. There will also be time where you need such memberships in order to get early access with the ticketing.

Every country has different ticketing platforms. For example in my case, when I bought my ticket in Thailand for Be The Sun in BKK, the ticketing platform is the Thaiticketmajor. It's somehow like SM Tickets here in the Philippines.

But in Japan, it's a very different way of buying tickets. Japan ticketing is more of a lottery type of ticketing. So, you just have to put your luck on fate.


Your passport is one of the most important items that you must have when you plan to watch concert abroad. First, it's a need when going out of the country. Second, this will serve as your ID abroad.

They won't accept your license ID, school ID, or whatever local ID you have. The only ID that they will accept, if you're a foreigner, is your passport and/or ARC (Alien Registration Card).

Why do you need it? Because some venues require ticket verification before entering. In order to verify your identity, you have to present a valid ID. Also, when I watched Lee Dong Wook's fan meeting in South Korea, I have to claim my ticket at the venue itself. So, ID is required.

Hotel Accommodation and Flight

Hotel Edoya Tokyo

Just like other normal trips, you have to book your accommodation. Unless you only plan to watch and fly (which I don't really recommend). For booking your accommodations, there are a lot of things you need to consider like your budget and the distance from the venue.

Personally, I like booking somewhere near the venue so that I won't be in a rush when going to the concert venue. But when I was in Korea, my friends and I always book in Hongdae since we're used to with it already.

If you're on a budget with flights, check out the flight scanner online. It will give you the cheapest and best options when traveling.

Extra Money for Merch

When watching concert abroad (especially in South Korea and Japan), all the official merch are being sold there. Even if you don't have plans on buying, you will end up buying merch. Well, this was from my experience. So better have extra money for your merch. There are times that they accept card but it's also good to have some cash with you.

Buying merch there is much cheaper than buying merch through group orders. Just take note that sometimes, especially on SEVENTEEN concerts, there's a pick-up option on Weverse wherein you have to order online and just pick it up onsite.

(Depends on the country) Clear bag

There are some countries that require a clear bag when entering the venue. They don't allow even small bags if it isn't clear. I don't know the exact reason for it but it's better to be updated with the do's and don'ts of the certain country you're going to be watching.

Tips on watching K-pop concert abroad

Visa - Ticket - Accommodation and Flight

If the country you're visiting requires you to have a visa first like South Korea and Japan, make sure to get your visa first before buying your ticket and booking flights and accommodations. Because there is a chance that your visa might not be approved. Not all countries allow a ticket refund.

So my suggestion is get a visa first, then concert ticket, then book a flight and accommodation.

Check on Twitter if you have some mutuals attending the same event

Recently, there are more and more people going abroad to watch concert. Who knows, one of your friend on Twitter is attending too? I had a friend and I didn't know she'll be going to Love FM in Tokyo not until she posted it a few days before the fan meet. If I only knew she'd be coming then I should have come with her. But experiencing a solo travel is still good experience tho hihi :)

I also met new friends who are going to attend the same event I'm attending. It was really cool to meet fellow fans who have the same hobbies as yours.

Check out if there are pop-up events or places that you can visit too

There are a lot of pop-up events especially in Korea and Japan. Because of these events I was able to visit it during my stay there. I am fangirling and at the same time getting to visit places in the country.

You can also visit the places that your idol has visited before. In my case, I visited different SEVENTEEN spots in Tokyo. Soon, I'll do it in South Korea too.

Take lots of photos/videos and enjoy!

Well, unless you're not allowed to take photos like in Japan fan meeting.

When I was editing my Japan vlog, it felt like I came back to being in Japan. I remembered the emotions I had during my stay. How I wished I have filmed more. But the photos suffice it tho.

As someone who can't remember anything after a couple of weeks, having photos and videos will make you be reminded of those special moments.

I am a very shy person. I barely take photos and videos before. That's why I barely remember my past travels because I don't have something to look again. That's the reason why I encourage you to take lots of photos and videos.

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